Living in Harmony with Sacred Law: Part 1

 ~ Grandmother Turtle, co-created by our Circle

I was gathered in circle in 2016, when my beautiful soul sister, Martha, shared a dream with us about being on a speeding boat that I was driving. Ahead, we saw large turtles in the water and she grew very concerned for their safety as we speeded toward them. As we came nearer, she yelled out, “Go deep!! Go deep!!”

The turtles dove and all was well but the dream stayed with me as I reflected on the meaning of the message to go deep. In my quiet time, Grandmother Turtle came to me and spoke about the urgent need for humans to return to balance with Creation. She said that all other living beings on Earth remember the Original Instructions from G’Chi Manido, Great Mystery. It is only humans who have forgotten.

I began to search for ancient wisdom about Sacred Law from many different traditions around the world. Much has been shared by Indigenous elders whose wisdom and understanding is deep. Others works such as Divine Magic by Doreen Virtue, Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece written by 3 Initiates in 1908, and Sacred Esoteric Wisdom: The 7 Universal Laws: “Divine Source Codes” written by Jay VonSpreck illuminated different perspectives of Sacred Law and deepened my understanding.

Indigenous peoples from all parts of Mother Earth have lived on the foundation of Sacred Law since Creation. It is vital for survival. In more recent times, as survival was eased through technology, the flame of Sacred Law dimmed but it was never totally extinguished. Wisdom keepers held it sacred and passed on the teachings of the ceremonies and practices necessary for retrieval of this understanding from the ethers.

The Original Instructions or Sacred Law are part of the nature of the Creation force that has resulted in everything we see around us. This is an evolving understanding and will likely change over time as this exploration deepens. For simplicity, I have grouped the laws into 8 key universal truths. In Part 1, I’ve outlined the first 3 sacred laws that have to do mostly with our relationship to All That Is, which is the big picture, or the macrocosm. These are the laws that I was guided to first. They were the keys to my understanding of the other sacred laws, which relate more to the microcosm, within myself. The following is a very brief summary of what I have learned so far about Sacred Law.

Law of Oneness

The wise Kogi Mamos, of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia have a saying. There is no me only we. If that is true, then what we do to others, we do to ourselves. All of Creation is composed of energy which connects and affects everything in existence. Gregg Braden’s book The Divine Matrix is excellent reading on this topic. We are all part of this Divine Matrix and we come from the same source. What we do within our own individual matrix affects the Divine Matrix of Creation. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

Every thought, word and action becomes very important when we follow the Law of Oneness. We are the center of the ripples on the pond that is Creation. What ripples are we sending out to infinity? If there is no me, only we, how does that change the way we perceive others and live our life?

Law of Vibration

Everything in Creation, including matter, vibrates at various rates or frequencies. The higher the frequency, the stronger the force. The highest possible frequency is truth, followed closely by love and compassion. Living in truth, love and compassion, raises your energy field to the highest possible frequency. This elevates the frequency of everything and everyone around you because vibration comes into resonance with the highest, strongest frequency in the field. A high frequency vibrational field, generated by consciously choosing truth, love and compassion in your life, also attracts to you everything that is in harmony with that frequency.

The lowest frequencies are generated by shame, anger, guilt and fear. When we are surrounded by people holding and expressing these strong feelings, it is easy to allow this to affect you and lower your vibrational frequency. The more we consciously place our awareness and energy on living with truth, love and compassion in our lives, the more we raise the frequency of our vibrational field.

What can you do to make choices in your life that are in harmony with your truth, what you love and your compassion for others?

Law of Manifestation

Physical reality is created through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When we begin to consciously intend what we choose to manifest, we breathe life into our dreams. Gregg Braden’s book, The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy really helped me understand manifestation. The lost mode of prayer outlined in the Isaiah Effect was based on the translation of the only intact Dead Sea Scroll found in 1946, the Great Isaiah Scroll.

The word prayer is a little misleading as it makes us think of something related to a religion or church. You could easily change the word “prayer” to the “process of manifestation”. Gregg describes this process as feeling deep gratitude for what you are manifesting and feeling with certainty that it already exists in your life now. The electromagnetic field that is created around you as you feel this acts as a powerful attractor for what you are manifesting.

This feeling sends out waves of energy into the Divine Matrix, the energy web that runs through and around you and all of Creation. That which you are manifesting makes its way back to you energetically through this Divine Matrix.

When I am manifesting, I try not to be too specific in terms of what I am manifesting. I focus more on how I choose to feel. A good example of this was when I was looking for my sacred partner several years ago. During my process of manifesting this into my life, I sat quietly and gave deep gratitude for the kind, generous, thoughtful, sensitive, loving, passionate, funny man who was making his way to my side. I felt my love for him. I felt how wonderful he made me feel. I felt the joy of sharing many exciting adventures of my life with him.

I didn’t really try to see him or imagine that he had to be tall, dark and handsome. This limits manifestation when you focus too much on specific outcomes. Very often, I have found that what manifests for me is something so much better than I could ever have imagined.

Manifestation also happens in Divine timing. There is no time or space when you are manifesting. Manifestation can happen instantaneously or it can take years. Be patient. I sincerely believe that it all depends on your readiness.

What is the most important thing that you are ready to manifest in your life? See it as already manifested. How do you feel? How is it changing your life?


Home Practice:

Go deep into your centre, where stillness allows you to sense the truth with clarity.

Follow your Divine inspiration as you explore ways of balancing how these sacred laws are unfolding in your life and your relationships. Perhaps you would like to create a physical touchstone to remind you of the essence of each sacred law as you explore it.

Remember that it only takes a small change to make a huge difference in maintaining balance and connection in your life.


WATCH VIDEO: Talk Story on Sacred Spiritual Laws with Jeana Naluai and Jan Beaver

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6 thoughts on “Living in Harmony with Sacred Law: Part 1”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Jan. You have written this so beautifully, simply and practically. I look forward to reading part two.

  2. Feeling very grateful and newly-inspired for your teachings here with this circle, Jan. After years in what I have come to term my spiritual diaspora, having distanced myself from these shared spaces and practices once I dove deeper in to the conversations of spiritual appropriation and settler colonialism, a new clarity and empowered, compassionate sense of self has miraculously emerged. You are holding and enacting a vision of unity and beauty that I too have held for so long, but did not yet have the soul-retrieval healing that I required to embody it while being so deeply in community with my Anishinabe kwe friends and teachers. Very excited to learn more of your expanding perspectives. Much love!

  3. Thank you so very much, Jan. Your words are so clear to me. It is wonderful to hear this wisdom through your voice.

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