The Way of the Circle

Sometimes our best teachings about how Creation works come from experiencing how things don’t work.

I have been reflecting deeply on how the way of the circle works after a recent experience, where I was asked to assist in manifesting a vision then was never contacted again….such a lost opportunity. What could have happened if that person had followed through with their intuitive guidance and created an opportunity for gathering, allowing the energy of synergy to flow without hindrance from our inspired spirits? How would that have changed the final outcome of that project? My sense is that the project could have been so much more. We will never know.

There is a magic when a circle of people sit together, focusing hearts into the centre. Rooted deeply into the flow of Creation between Father Sky and Mother Earth, hearts open, spirits strengthen and all voices speak a truth that resonates each in the circle, awakening understandings that illuminate the path forward, for each and every person in that circle.

Synergy begins to spiral around the circle, like a thermal wind allowing all to soar higher and higher, seeing everything from a more expansive perspective.

When we are gifted with an idea or a vision within the sacredness of the circle, it is our response ability to then step into the centre of the circle. We become the hub of the wheel, guiding all who are called to assist in manifesting that vision. There is a good reason that all wheels have hubs. It gives the wheel strength, stability and a point of focus. It allows that wheel to move at great speed with ease. We do not have to try and manifest that vision alone. The circle can assist us in that process. This works best when there is someone in the centre who facilitates all of the details of gathering, sharing and weaving.

That is how and why the energy of synergy arises within a circle. It is the energy of creation and manifestation, much greater than the energy that can be generated and directed by a single person. When two or more gather, the energy of synergy is exponentially greater than the energy of those two or more people. Synergy works best when you physically gather in circle.

As the hub in the centre of the circle, we are asked to focus this energy, calling the circle to gatherings, sharing ideas and visions, bringing the vision into clear focus, making sure all voices are heard, taking the pieces and weaving the next steps from this magical web of synergy.

Soon the energetic pattern of that vision is created within the web of light, like a beautiful fetus within the womb of our imagining. There it incubates as the circle holds the energy of the vision, breathing into it, singing the song of Creation to it like a harmonious cosmic lullaby. All of Creation can see this beautiful fetus and they gather to welcome this beautiful birth. Each being in Creation brings what they have to contribute to this beautiful vision and so the fetus grows and grows until it is time for the birthing into reality.

This is how the Creation process works and it works every time if we understand how the circle works and we follow the guidance of Creation to anchor that vision into reality.


Home Practice:

Reflect on a recent inspiration you might have had for an action to take, an event or a ceremony.

Is there a person who came to mind when you had that idea? Give them a call and arrange to get together to talk about this inspiration.

It is not necessary and, in fact, it is better to gather without any preconceived expectations about what might come of that meeting. Simply enter the flow of the creative energy unleashed when two or more gather and see what happens. I am certain that the magic of the way of the circle will illuminate everything you need to go from there.

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2 thoughts on “The Way of the Circle”

  1. Yhank you, Jan! Your words have flowed to me at the most perfect of times. I deeply hear and understand your words. I hear the truth in them and welcome them. They inspire me.

    Thank you, Jan! Your words have flowed to me at the most perfect of times. I hear the truth in them. They inspire me and are so affirming.

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