The Flame of Hope & Truth

Guest Post by Cinzia Sarigu, Collective Circle Member

It was December 2012, I was preparing for sacred travel and decided to pay a visit to the Oracle. “Do you have another question ?“ I was asked at the end of the reading. There was a question that lingered in the background, making me wonder if all the work we were doing, in spirit or on the earth, was really going to make a difference. The question was whether Earth was going to be restored to her full health and beauty.

The Oracle paused for a moment, closed her eyes and replied, “There will be a woman, who will walk the earth, and as she walks she heals the planet.” When I argued that surely no  woman alone could not be carrying such a great task, I received the same message in reply. 

At the time we were approaching winter solstice 2012, the great turning of the wheel on the Mayan calendar, and many of us had expectations and dreams of a new era; a new time of peace and light for all, when we would rise in unity, support each other and restore the world  while reaching our full potential.

Yet in the process of rebirth since 2012, many have seen more darkness than ever. Some retreated to their cave for personal healing, while others simply chose to lay low in a landscape of increasing energetic and environmental turbulence. Someone asked, “Could it be that the world is turning darker while ascending to the light?“ At times I found myself wondering the same thing.

Then the other day I had a realization.One of those lightning bolts when a memory comes back and suddenly makes sense. On the train, as it happens, commuting to work. Grey skies out the window and the prospect of more hostile politics in the wake of the UK elections. Bleak landscape, if you ask me, for every living being.

 “Where is hope? “I  asked the heavens. “Is Earth going to heal?”

That’s when I saw her. 

The woman that the Oracle spoke of has arrived and she is making big ripples despite her minute figure. A child, who is walking the earth, awakening the flame of hope and truth in everyone who is ready and willing to take action, wisely and peacefully, for life. Her name is Greta Thunberg and she stands in the power of her courage,  vulnerability and absolute resolve. 

Back in 2012 when I got the message from the Oracle, I visioned the woman as a powerful shaman, a healer who did ceremony on the land, waving her wand and liberating ancestral lines as she walked. This child has arrived with a mission fit  for our time. And like her, others are speaking up as I write, or still finding their voice.

Guided by the spirit of the moment, I searched online for Greta’s date of birth, calculated her Mayan Nawal and…my heart skipped a beat. The child carries the signature of the Great Turning. Four Ajpu, the Nawal of winter solstice 2012, the bringer of the New Dawn. Ajpu is the Solar Disk, the Great Sun God that illuminates the world with his infinite love and truth. Ajpu is a great ally, you can call upon him to grant you strength and protection under all conditions.

Greta, who embodies the wisdom of Ajpu and of the powerful changes we are going through, is guided and protected, as well as perfectly equipped for the task. True, she can’t do it alone but like a thousand drums, her words make the old paradigm shake and crumble, opening pathways for the new energies to emerge and do the work of spirit on earth. These new energies are embodied by the children of this time. Some of them are just waiting to be awakened, activated, and they need our help.

A ray of sun pierces the city skyline and falls on the page. I pause, savor the moment, feel my heart smile . There is hope. The new time is here. 

How can we support the shift? How can we best support our children, and the children of all nations, to carry the flame of hope and truth? As the young generations step in to restore soil and water, to rebuild trust and fairness, how can we best listen, protect their innocence and support their work? For theirs is the most important and most inspiring work of all times.

It’s the work of Mother Earth. It spreads across cultures and dimensions, learning to unite beyond borders, gender and beliefs, healing all timelines and the very ground beneath our feet.

They, the children, are the healers we have been waiting for.

Seven years since 2012, winter solstice 2019 falls on a day Oxlajuj Noj in the sacred calendar of the Mayans. 

Noj, the Wisdom of the Ancestors, is the day when everything we have learned is handed out to spirit, to be blessed and returned to us in the form of wisdom. So we can make wiser choices and create a better world, to manifest Heaven on earth. Oxlajuj or number 13 is the completion code, the highest frequency number on the Mayan  wheel of time. It’s a very auspicious day for changing the course of history. 

As I prepare for solstice ceremony at Stonehenge, I can hear the guardians of the land calling all nations to take a stand, a stand for life. On winter solstice this year let us pray for the wisdom of the ancestors to illuminate the heart and mind of humanity, so together we may find beautiful, colorful ways to support Greta and all children of the earth. 

For the children of all times and nations 

May their dreams be inspired by the rain, the sun, the thunder.

May their work be nourished by the trees, the rocks, the rivers

May their hearts be blessed by the light of the Great Mother

May the flame of hope and truth carry them through the winter 

May they awaken in spring with their heart full of seedlings for the New Time of Light.

Many blessings,



Home Practice:

In preparation for the solstice, these are some questions we can ask:

What have we learned in the last seven years cycle, that is ripe to become wisdom?

How can that wisdom be a proactive force for the changes? 

How can we best serve the greatest good in the new cycle? 


Cinzia who? 

Hi everyone, you probably don’t know who I am as I come from faaaaar away, across the ocean and farther south. I’m from Sardinia, live in the UK, work in Mexico…

I’m a traveler, a healer and sacred tours guide and….I love chocolate.

After living and working with indigenous  communities in Mexico for many years, I began to teach the mysteries of the Mayan calendars, which I’m very passionate about.

I first met Martha (Lucier ) in the Mexican desert in 2015, when a beautiful friendship blossomed and many magical journeys were shared in different parts of the world. 

So that’s how I got here, and I feel very grateful for the wonderful friendships that were born by being a member of the circle. 

Many blessings and happy winter solstice to all! 

You can check out my work here

And if you’re interested in learning about the Mayan calendar and how to apply its wisdom to your everyday life, drop me a line at [email protected], to find out about a brand new online course starting 25 January 2020. 

P.S. the course is not on the website yet, but coming soon.

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