Leading Highly Effective, Engaged Teams with The Way of the Circle

Is your team and your leadership extraordinary? Like it or not, 84% of teams and leaders are average or below average performers.

High performing teams are more creative, more productive and attain a higher level of quality than the average team. Learn to rise above the norm and lead a high performing team.

Do you know what sets your team apart from the rest?

At the Way of the Circle, Discover your X Factor. How to combine your best attributes into products and services that are beyond competition.

How engaged is your team?

According to a recent study, an engaged employee is 44% more productive than a satisfied worker, but an employee who feels inspired at work is nearly 125% more productive than a satisfied one. Organizations with inspired employees perform better than the rest. (Gallup: State of the American Workplace Report 2013)

Do you have what it takes to be a Remarkable Leader?

In the Way of the Circle, we define Remarkable Leadership as:

“Bring the right people together, in harmony making use of each person’s unique skills talents and abilities, and efforts to do something that really matters to achieve extra-ordinary results.”

How does your leadership style stack up? Remarkable?

What’s your Leadership Style?

Understanding what motivates, and inspires your own leadership style is as important as understanding what motivates others. Putting together a balanced team and recognizing the things we love about team members, as well as the things that drive us crazy, are the diverse approaches to getting things done that make for a successful team.

Recognizing and celebrating these differences is vital to high performing teams. Discover your strengths with the Way of the Circle Elements of Leadership Styles inquiry.

What are the untapped strengths of your team? Do you know how to support and encourage diverse leadership styles?

Choosing the right team members: Ideally team members share opportunities to collaborate and support one another in delivering extra-ordinary customer value. It’s vital to attract team members who buy into the vision of continually improving their contributions and working with others in harmony.

Effective teams recognize the talents of others (both within and beyond your team and even beyond your organization) who can contribute to the success you are striving to achieve. Learn to recognize the traits of high achieving teams and team members.

Does your team exhibit behaviours that are consistent with high performing teams?

The new study of Social Physics is bringing Key understandings to light about the nature of high performing teams. In the Way of the Circle learn how to apply the principles and processes of high performing teams.

Do you have a strategy for continuous improvement?

The process of Kaizen or continuous improvement is founded in asking great questions. Learn the Kaizen of establishing a question worth discussing and implementing a process for continuous improvement in the Way of the Circle.

How does your team manage change?

Do you ever confront active resistance to new ideas? Do you know the source of the resistance? Do you have a strategy for disarming and redirecting opposition to new ideas and turning opposition into positive momentum that can help get new ideas started with a fresh thinking approach?

Learn how to safely engage your team in proposing and carrying forward new ideas that test your perceived limits and set you on a course for getting 100% buy-in to new ideas in the Way of the Circle.

Are your meetings boring, dry routines, that engage a limited number of team members or is your team fully engaged in discussing questions that matter and proposing real good ideas to test. In The Way of the Circle, learn how to lead Compass Conversations, a process for hosting meetings that matter that engage the whole team.

Is your team SMART about goal setting? Learn what it takes to gain the productivity, creativity and quality enhancements that come with the accountability of putting in place the Right Measures of Success.

Are you looking for new ways to spark creativity and use your team’s creative genius to raise the bar on performance?

Retrain Your Brain to Create Remarkable Insights in the Way of the Circle. Join us in putting into action and leveraging the benefits of the five stage magic formula to engaging your team in the Way of the Circle: Smile, Decide, Focus, Learn, Celebrate!

Together we’ll share a balanced itinerary of program elements that will settle you down and restore a feeling of tranquility and self-confidence, and give you the courage and self-assurance that screams – YES! I CAN. At other times we’ll bring you to the Edge of your comfort zone so that you discover skills, talents, and abilities you didn’t even know you had.

Are you looking to plan the ultimate corporate retreat?

Our comprehensive guide walks you through everything from picking the perfect location, planning activities and team games, creating meaningful agendas, and more. With years of experience in hosting executive retreats, delivering team-building and strategic planning retreats – we know what it takes to make your corporate retreat one that will be remembered for years to come. 

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