The Way of the Circle: A Transformational Business Model

The corona virus has broken down the single greatest barrier to innovation, our unconscious attachment to comfortable and habitual patterns of thought and behaviour about the way things are.
The very structure of society is temporarily suspended. For a time, we float in ambiguity, where we are neither one identity (our past) nor the other (our future selves). It is time to strip away preconceptions and traditional ideas of how business operates, time for organizations to return to their core purpose to become something new, resilient, innovative and responsive to the evolving needs of their customers.

Understand what is truly singular and essential about your core essence. What values need to be explored, explained and transmitted throughout your organization? Will the old ways still work or will you evolve to meet the emerging needs of your community.

The Way of the Circle is a regenerative business practice of bringing people together in harmony, leveraging the unique skills, talents, abilities and insights of each individual, and transforming under-utilized assets to deliver transformational products and services to meet ever-evolving client needs.

Empowering individual team members is a prerequisite. Engage your high performance team by creating authentic connection and inspiring a culture of continuous reflection.

When an organization moves from Me to We by empowering team members, organizations become more robust, creative, and transformative. They can deliver on promises of high quality, innovation and productivity.

In short, teams led in the WOTC become more resilient.

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