In Their Words: Why this yoga facilitator considers the Edge one of her best kept secrets

Tina Gadoury is an all-around successful wellness practitioner.

As the owner and operator of The Yoga Limb, Tina has a dedicated following of yogis who spent the better part of post-quarantine 2020 practicing safely distanced, outdoor yoga at her studio in Paris, Ontario.

Just shy of three years into her business, she had already hosted a Goddess Retreat for a group of approximately 20 women at an all-inclusive resort in Dominican Republic in 2019.

2020 brought about unprecedented changes for the world and after a number of her clientele spotted some Facebook posts about retreats at Northern Edge Algonquin, she reached out to see what it might look like to bring a community to this quiet little corner of Algonquin Park.

Having previously been a guest at both an Up North: Algonquin Explorer Retreat, as well as a yoga retreat hosted by a partner facilitator, Tina already knew what a magical setting it would make for her yoga community to unplug, recharge, and reconnect with themselves for a few days of what has been a very challenging year for many.

So she booked a spot in the height of the fall colours season, and worked alongside our team to put together an unforgettable program for a very grateful community of ladies.

Here’s a few reasons why she now calls Northern Edge one of her best kept secrets.
1) When you bring a community to the Edge, one of our host-facilitator’s is there to help you every step of the way.

Tina worked alongside long-time friend, facilitator, and now full-time team member of the Edge, Courtney Sinclair, which was, in her words “absolutely key, I loved it.” Having a dedicated host help with everything from leading activities to moving furniture, she said, gave her more opportunity to hold space for her retreat participants, and enjoy the experience herself.

2) Pre-retreat communications helped to assure her vision was aligned with that of the Edge

In addition to being on site throughout the retreat, here at the Edge we assure that the line of communication is open from the moment you inquire until after you’ve packed your bags and landed back home. This includes zoom conference calls with our program coordinators in the office, as well as the host-facilitator you will work with on site. This, Tina felt, helped in terms of establishing and comparing her own intention with ours to make sure everyone was on the same page.

3) Not having to handle the administrative aspect was a perk

Tina opted to take us up on the offer to handle all registrations on our end, so it was off her plate right from the get-go. Without having to worry about a booking system, accepting registrations or processing transactions, she was able to focus on creating an unforgettable retreat program.

4) It’s beautiful!

“A place like the Edge is off the charts. It’s gorgeous, it checks all the boxes.”

Like what you hear?

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