Crafting a collective inspiration: what it is, why we do it & how it works

One of the key elements that supports each of our retreats, gatherings, and meetings at the Edge (either in person or virtually) is what we call an inspiration.

This brief but important affirming statement is something that can be unbelievably powerful when it comes to moving forward and achieving the unthinkable, be it collectively or individually. But what exactly is an inspiration? Why is it so important?

I’ve heard of an “intention” – is that similar?

An “intention” can attach an individual’s mind to a fixed and detailed plan, agenda, and outcome, while feeding their expectations. Intentions can be linear and goal oriented. This may result in a feeling of overwhelming anxiety, stress, and a sense of being trapped, forced or rushed into accomplishing something. We find using the term “inspiration” can help open up limitless possibilities.

A collective inspiration offers a guiding compass for navigating the group experience when coming together for a retreat, meeting, or gathering.

Guidelines for creating an inspiration
  1. Notice what common threads of insights or questions are surfacing and being repeated within you and in others. These are informing of your personal needs and/or of the needs of a group. These threads may also offer clues and ideas of engagement pieces such as a reflection question, activity, or ceremony that helps put the inspiration into motion.
  2. Write an inspiration into a simple sentence or two, worded in the present tense that identifies the needs and the gifts and abilities to fulfill these needs in affirmative language.  
  3. After the inspiration has been created trust that all will align and fall into place as needed thereafter. 
  4. If any confusion, doubt, heaviness, or overwhelm arises, return to the inspiration to refocus.
  5. Check in with the inspiration regularly. Might it need to shift or evolve?
Example of one of our own guiding inspirations for our weekly Monday meetings:

Building trust and connection, we share our successes, learnings, and challenges, and engage in conversations about how we can help one another thrive. Anchoring steady progress and fuelling our momentum, together we reach our highest potential.

What other kinds of inspiration can I write?

There are many ways to use inspirations. You might write a personal inspiration for your work that you refresh every so often, create a specific inspiration for a workplace, or begin each internal document with a short inspiration on what that document is for.

Writing your own inspiration?

We would love to hear it if you are open to sharing! Tag us on Instagram, share it on Facebook or even email us at [email protected] to let us know how the process went.

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