How to Close a Circle

Closing the Circle at Heart Blossom 2022

A week after a Heart Foundation retreat, we host a call for all participants to join. It helps to see each other again and collect the wisdom and insights we received. At the end of this call, we often close with someone weaving what’s been shared into a closing statement. Sometimes, like at Heart Blossom 2022, it sounds like a poem inspired by the words we used to guide us during the retreat.

In closing, as we fly together, wing tip to wing tip,
we part ways, but still unified in circle.
We gain restful sleeps, and space to play.
Recognizing we are worthy of receiving, we openly accept
the gifts presented to us.
Our connection to our lineage gives us strength,
and we recognize the importance of finding
our voice, for us and for them.
Embracing our creativity, we experiment with and develop
techniques, unique to our own ways.
Letting loose, we allow our perfectionism to rest.
As we sing our songs, our joy rises.
We use our ingenuity to meet the challenges we face
and utilize our the tools that keep us aligned.
Walking through the waters, we take time to connect with nature,
both with others and alone.
Like the butterfly, we transform and spread our winds,
living our life in layers.
We’re moved by reciprocity and find joy in the faces
we see mirrored back to us. As we reflect,
we see our growth and the growth of others. We listen to our dreams
and gain affirmations of
our intuition, a voice we’re now gladly befriending.
We went to depths together and will continue to integrate over time.
We allow the time
and space
to rest and listen. The magic within us is alive and well
and expressed through our artwork.
The sweetgrass calls to us, its fragrance received through the breath,
gratefully exchanging wisdom and healing
for love and appreciation.
We take with us our tools, our healing, our friendships, our laughter,
our creativity and our wings spread wide.
Until we meet again.

scribed by Kate Schuyler

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