Algonquin Park Canoe Trips: 5 Best Providers

If you want to indulge your love for being outdoors– canoe camping is an excellent way to go. It’s an efficient way to test your skills outdoors as well as test the waters (quite literally) to how much of a challenge you can take up. However, maybe you’re looking for an easier experience that still brings you into nature on a canoe – which is where the guided Algonquin Park canoe trip comes in!

The most important thing you need to consider when you plan a canoe camping trip is where to go. One of Ontario’s best canoeing destinations, Algonquin Park is the premier choice for overnight canoe camping in Canada.

Many people ask: does Northern Edge Algonquin offer guided canoe trips? Well, not anymore. But it’s an important part of our history. You can read more at the end about what we focus on now.

Until then, here are the five best Algonquin Park canoe trip providers you can find, according to many online sources and our own personal knowledge:

1. Trip Shed

Tripshed, co-owned by brother’s Aaron and Alex Savatti, is an experienced first outdoors store, specializing in guided wilderness adventures throughout Ontario. From camping gear sales to theme-based canoe trips, their focus is simple: to create space for people to connect more deeply with themselves, each other and the land through wilderness adventure. They offer a comprehensive online camping gear store, curated by guides themselves to ensure only quality gear, and have devoted their time to bringing as many people into the backcountry with them to experience the magic waiting just beyond the portage.

Notably, Alex is one of our team members at the Edge – Trip Shed’s got a great line-up of specialty trips with guest facilitators in addition to their beginner canoe trips, so there is something for everyone.

2. Driftwood Paddle

The experiences offered by the guides at Driftwood Paddle, located right beside the Edge on Kawawaymog Lake, are some of the best! How do we know this? Because Kieran and Chris Kelly, the co-owners and chief guides of Driftwood Paddle are former NEA guides from our canoe-tripping days! The talented guides at Driftwood know how to make bucket list dreams come true.

These guys have a very special connection to the lake and the Park, and they cut their teeth on Northern Edge trips so we’re certain they are going to give you a great experience. Heck – chances are if you join a Driftwood Paddle adventure you’ll be tripping with some of the gear we gifted them when we turned our focus away from camping.

3. Voyageur Quest 

Another close neighbour of the Edge that has long-offered canoe trips similar to our own. They believe in giving you the most authentic and unforgettable canoe camping experience set in the heart of nature in celebration of the great outdoors and everything it represents. With skilled guides and great service, spectacular rustic lodging with all the amenities you need to take rest in after a day filled with activity and their off-the-grid locale, you’re bound to have a first-class canoe camping experience. 

4. Algonquin Outfitters 

Algonquin Park is a canoe enthusiast’s paradise with numerous spots to explore along the waterways– and Algonquin Outfitters preps you to look the part! On a canoe, you can access parts of the park which are not accessible via other modes of transport. 

Algonquin Outfitters have a special outfitting package for people who are interested in canoeing- and what’s best is that you could either choose a guided trip package or do-it-yourself with all the equipment and without a guide and making the most of the adventure. They help you with every aspect of the trip, all while giving you the freedom to choose if you will be comfortable independently. Expert canoeists, this should definitely be your first pick! 

5. Algonquin Park Canoe Trips 

This experienced provider has been offering all-inclusive camping trips in the park for around 25 years now and their highlight has to be the Moose & Beaver Safari that they offer. Set out on your canoe right into the heart of the Algonquin Park and enjoy some wildlife experiences like you never have before! 

Surround yourself with the peace and quiet of the park and use this opportunity to become one with the wilderness. The wolves howling and the beckoning calls of the loons echo in the air- you’ll never have felt this close to nature. You could even head out fishing or berrypicking, and if none of that appeals to you, a siesta on a hammock would definitely make your trip a good one!  

Throughout the trip, you will have a skilled wilderness guide to accompany you to make sure that you are safe the entire time.  This is sure to be a canoeing trip to remember. 

Why Don’t We Offer Canoe Trips Anymore?

Although we offer guided canoe outings as part of wider programs at the Edge, our days of introducing folks to overnight camping have passed.

We are now focused on providing experiences for guests who are craving the comfort and care of a nature retreat. We work with experienced team who have a great deal of dreamtime, creative, adventure, community building experiences to share. And of course it all takes place in our nature wonderland here at the edge of Algonquin Park, so you’re not missing out on the wildlife and atmosphere.

This is a place guests come “to live their best life right here,” without the distraction of having to worry about staying warm and comfortable.

Over the last 20 years we have created numerous indoor and outdoor gathering areas and cabin spaces that have allowed us to deliver our programming right here in the cradle of nature.

When we started Northern Edge we only had a small 750 square-foot cabin as a base of operations. However, our experiences began to appeal to older clientele who crave a bit of adventure but really want comfort at bedtime.

Many of our guests appreciate the sense of privacy and modesty that our sleeping spaces and private bathrooms provide.  This is much different than sleeping in a shared tent on the ground.

We still have wonderful access to hiking and mountain biking trails, canoeing, standup paddling and kayaking, and we still see millions of stars spinning overhead every clear night!

Are you looking for a group experience on the edge of Algonquin Park, but with all the comforts of private forest cabins, delicious meals, and guided programs customized to your needs? Reach out to us, and we’ll talk you through the options.

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