Navigating Wildfire Smoke: Adapting Retreat Plans for an Unpredictable Summer

If you reside in Ontario, you may have noticed the unexpected presence of wildfire smoke that has recently affected our beautiful province. While we typically associate smokey skies with the west coast, Ontario is now facing the impact of wildfires in a new way. As summer is in full swing and outdoor activities are a common way to unwind, it’s natural to have concerns about how the smoke will affect your retreat experience. However, we wish to assure you that we are monitoring the conditions closely and making necessary adaptations to ensure a fulfilling retreat, even amidst the fluctuating air quality.

Monitoring Air Quality and Embracing Adaptability:

We understand that wildfire smoke conditions can shift hourly, impacting some outdoor moments rather than the entire retreat experience. By closely monitoring air quality conditions, we can make informed decisions and adapt the retreat program to provide the best possible experience for our guests.

At Northern Edge Algonquin, we embrace “planned spontaneity.” While we cannot control the air quality, we can control our response and make adjustments accordingly. Our experienced team is ready to modify retreat activities in real-time, ensuring that you can still immerse yourself in the transformative and enriching experiences we offer.

Indoor Spaces and Lakeside Living:

One of the advantages of choosing Northern Edge Algonquin as your retreat destination is our stunning indoor spaces. These spaces provide a sanctuary where we can adapt programming to accommodate shifting air quality conditions. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, art workshops, or team-building activities, our indoor environments are thoughtfully designed to offer meaningful and engaging experiences, even in the face of wildfire smoke.

When the air quality is poor, we will shift programming to focus on indoor experiences, and we will keep an eye on conditions to get outside as soon as it is comfortable to do so.  Being on the shore of Kawawaymog Lake, we find that conditions can shift rapidly and poor air quality conditions do not last long due to the healthy breeze coming off the water.  Our commitment is to create a holistic retreat experience that embraces the best moments nature has to offer while providing alternative options during times of smoky conditions.


At the Edge we are dedicated to ensuring your retreat experience is exceptional, even amidst unpredictable wildfire smoke conditions. We closely monitor air quality, adapt programs accordingly, and provide a safe and nurturing environment for transformative experiences. Embracing adaptability, we maximize the beauty and potential of each moment, knowing that retreat experiences are shaped by the interplay between nature and our own willingness to adapt. Trust that your retreat with us will be an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, connection, and personal growth.

Let us embark together on this transformative adventure, where we navigate the shifting air quality conditions with grace and make your retreat a memorable one.

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