Our Algonquin Park Accommodations

We provide a variety of accommodation options to meet the needs of guests participating in scheduled retreat programs or group experiences at our Algonquin Park home.  Different from a hotel: accommodations at the Edge are simple yet comfortable: a place to rest your head at night after a day of adventure, dreamtime, creativity, community, nature, and wonder. There is limited availability for each room type.  Register early to save your space!

All Accommodations Feature

Access to Facilities

2-minute walk from main programming spaces, bathrooms, and showers.

Cozy Sleeps

Comfortable feather duvets & colourful linen sheets.

Sustainability Powered

Our solar system powers lights and small devices only.

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Unplug from the distractions of technology.  With no cell service or wi-fi, relax deeply in nature.

Try Living Off Grid

Come learn how comfortable off grid can be.

Group Spaces

Our indoor & outdoor gathering spaces were designed to foster connection. 

Accommodation Styles

Canopy Cabins

Wish upon a star before bed, and rise with the morning sun as it naturally lights up the forest canopy above your clear-roofed cabin. Nestled on the hillside, Canopy Cabins are glamping-style accommodations bring you closer to nature.  These simple & clean wood cabins are surrounded by the lush greenery of our Ontario Retreat Centre at the edge of Algonquin Park.

Ladybug Lounge, Loon Echo and Lily’s Pad boast comfortable feather duvets and colourful linen sheets on double beds.  Our original honeymoon suite, Moonbeam, and it’s twin Firefly are a bit cozier, and are best for just one person. Double beds make these ideal for solo travellers at a private rate. Couples may access a reduced shared rate.

As these cabins are unheated, they are available only May through September. It’s a 3-minute walk from main programming spaces, bathrooms, and showers.

Habitat Cabins

Located centrally and surrounded by the maple and balsam fir forest, these bunkies were our first year-round accommodations. Each cabin features a double bed in a loft above two single beds.

Osprey and Tamarack feature 2 single beds plus a small loft with a double bed, topped with feather duvets and colourful linens, and are most-suited to sharing with 1-2 friends or other participants. This is the lowest-priced cabin with limited availability – shared spaces book up fast!

Washrooms and showers for these cabins are a short 2-min walk to Points North.

Studio Cabins

Spacious and comfortable eco-cabins are centrally-located and feature en-suite eco-bathroom features a composting toilet & running water.

Tranquility, Balance, Harmony, and Dreamtime are some of our most popular cabins!  Each cabin is equipped with a double bed and single bed, Studio Cabins are ideal for sharing between participants. They are available year-round.

Bear’s Den Studio Suite is our 5th Studio Cabin with all the same features, a little extra space, and 3 beds in semi-private cubbies.  Groups of 3 and participants in shared accommodations are occasionally upgraded to Bear’s Den.

Dreamer’s Hill Log Cabin

Anchored at the top of our trail overlooking the forest, Dreamer’s Hill was created to offer a little more comfort than other options while keeping in sustainable balance with our use of space and resources.

The eco-luxe, colourful rooms in Dreamers’ Hill are our most comfortable rooms available (and our only accommodations featuring private showers – not an easy feat running on solar power!) The bedrooms Amethyst, Labradorite, and Citrine come equipped with a 3pc private en-suite bathroom with showers, while Jade and Sodalite share the fourth semi-private bathroom & shower.

Note:  The bedrooms in Dreamer’s Hill are priced the same, based on easy access to these amenities, and are filled on a first-booked, first-accommodated basis.  If it is important that you do not share a bathroom with another participant, book early and be sure to mention it.

Each room has a special queen bed that can convert into two twin beds, giving us lots of flexibility with sleeping arrangements.

The cabin also features a small gathering area surrounding a gas fireplace for guests looking to visit or read a book, and a corner for preparing tea or hot chocolate.


All-Inclusive Edge Fees:  Our per-person rates include accommodations, our renowned group meals, snacks and beverages, group use of facility/spaces, program materials & equipment, and other hosting services.  These are net rates offered to groups as well as individuals signing up for group experiences, and are priced based on the duration of the retreat.

These Edge fees are then bundled with applicable Retreat Program Fees (which differ per retreat based on the programming and facilitation needs) to create a range of all-inclusive, per-person prices for that experience based on participants’ choices of cabin style and shared or private room.

Flat-Rate Options:  Our tiered options are the best fit for most retreats.  Planning an event with a need for standard pricing & amenities across the board?  Let us know your needs and we can work with you to identify a flat per-person rate for your group.

Shared or Private?

Best Shared Accommodation Options:  Studio cabins are spacious and designed for sharing in comfort!  Or, Habitat Cabins offer a cozy, one-of-a-kind experience at a friendly rate.

Solo travelers who choose shared accommodation are paired with one or two others to foster friendships and create space for more participants to join a program.  When couples or friends book and stay together, they access shared accommodation rates in a private room together with no additional roommates.

Best Private Accommodation Options:  We recommend a bedroom in Dreamer’s Hill with all the amenities, or a Canopy Cabin for a closer-to-nature experience at a lower rate.

Solo travelers who choose private accommodation will have a room all to themselves.  Please keep in mind communal and multi-room spaces like Dreamer’s Hill are still shared.

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