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Proudly serving a taste of our region. Cooking at the Edge focuses on balancing globally far-flung tastes with provincially produced foods. While seasonal menus are inspired by flavors from afar, we seek to prepare our meals with ingredients raised closer to home.

Our award winning mealtime steward, Greg Waters and our Culinary experiences have been recognized by the tourism industry as some of the best in Canada, and we were proudly the first food provider in Ontario recognized by Feast On for our taste of place as a certified purveyor of locally sourced food. Some food ingredients come from our garden, but most come from local gardens and Ontario farms, and partnerships with local food providers.

Read Gregor’s blog post that explains why Greg doesn’t have any recipes at this time.

Our promise: Your mealtime experiences at our Algonquin Park home will be remembered and treasured by everyone. Our meals take into account specialty food restrictions for health and personal reasons ensuring each individual’s needs are looked after when we deliver a colourful, tasteful buffet style meal. Learn more about Gregor.

Some words from our guests

“Gregor (The Chef/The Carpenter) is amazing. Like will you marry me, get in my trunk, I’ll never eat another meal again kind of amazing. The food he makes is creative and what real farm to table was meant to be. He describes every dish with the care of someone who knows when and where each item was picked. Waiting for that dinner bell was a pavlov’s dog experience each time.”

Cheyenne Byng

“The food was the biggest surprise: every meal was a healthy gourmet treat – Chefs Greg and Ally were amazing, not just in their prep, but in explaining each meal — Pizza served right out of a 800F woodstove, the best oatmeal ever (unlimited Maple Syrup from the property!), wonderful soups, meats, salads and breads, all locally sourced and very fresh. Everyone mixes socially in the dining room of the Lodge and you are prone to meet some very interesting and like-minded souls. Lingering over a scrumptious meal, while gazing out at the lovely lakeside setting, seemed to make conversation easy with guests from all over the world at your elbow.”

Robert Byrne

“Meal times feel like a mix of upper echelon catering but in the comfort of your own home. At each meal the Head Chef would describe the meal, its ingredients and where they came from. This would often involve a story of procurement from a local farmer or food that was harvested from their own garden . . .”

Andrew Tkach

“Chef Gregor was a magician at creating fabulous meals from his tiny kitchen overlooking the snow covered lake. He had his guests drooling with anticipation as he recited before each meal the local ingredients (from herbs to meats, fresh pressed basil oil to Scotch ale) that composed his menu of organic delights. His passion for the environment and partnering with local growers make each meal an adventure in its own right. And he met each dietary request with ease, including glutin-free and vegan. Everyone raved over each meal. And so we were all content to contribute to the technology free environment by hand washing our dishes in hot sudsy well water, laughing with our new friends over drying and putting away techniques. Ending the day with a cup of their incredible blend of organic coffee or hot chocolate, especially after a late afternoon skate on the pond or a game of cards with other visitors, was an added bonus.”

Brenda Morgan