How Powerful, Atomic, and Tiny Habits can Change Your Life

(Yes, we’ve got a retreat for that!)

Why the Habit Reset was created

The Habit Reset Retreat was born from a simple question that the Edge Team was invited to consider in summer 2016:  What kind of retreat would you like to attend?

At the time, I was undergoing a personal transformation in the realm of health and fitness, and I felt a desire to be able to go somewhere – like on a trip or retreat – where I could wholly focus on what I considered “clean eating” and physical movement.  An immersive amount of time spent in a new environment where I could explore, move my body, and eat healthfully.

I suggested a retreat we might call “Reboot Camp” — an Edgy, holistic approach to boot camps where participants would eat nourishing meals served up by Gregor, head outside for physically engaging adventures (hiking and paddling rather than fitness classes), and engage in coaching or discussion around topics like intuitive eating and the power of habit.

Habits, I had found, were something one needed to master in order to create true change in their lives.  It was reading Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” that started me thinking about my personal rituals, and how the key to creating the kind of change I wanted was to look at the patterns and responses I had in my life.

Habits Came Into Focus

While The Habit Reset achieves all of this original vision, it also goes deeper.  A personal catalyst for change for myself was seeing my reflection in the mirror and wanting change in my body – but habits are a key to creating transformation in our lives that can go much further than our bodies and fitness.

In my work as a decluttering coach and through training with Marie Kondo, I grew to recognize that peoples’ ability to keep their space in order was all about habit as well.  Keeping your belongings organized can be as simple as designating a place where everything belongs, and having a habit of putting those things back where they go.  Sometimes, a bit of strategy is needed to make that task easier.

When I read Atomic Habits by James Clear, the way habits can impact every area of our life was illustrated really well for me – in what I think is a really actionable way.  Setting goals to achieve is one traditional way of making change for ourselves – but Clear proposes that deciding who you want to be, and committing to the behaviours that person exhibits is a faster and more efficient way to reach and surpass the goal post.

That is when The Habit Reset came into focus.  This retreat is both an immersive health & wellness retreat (4 days of healthy meals, comfy sleeps, active adventures) and it is a personal development workshop that is all about habits.  Co-facilitators (this year myself and Alex) will introduce concepts from habit-thought-leaders like James Clear, Charles Duhigg, BJ Fogg, Marie Kondo with workshops where we will actively dismantle our patterns and habits, creating new structures in support of the lives we want to be living that we can begin to practice right away.

We invite you to join us!

We’ve carefully scheduled this retreat to happen at moments throughout the year where people are ready to make change and yearning for a bit of support in doing so.  If you’re coming off the high of summer, ready for new commitments in the Fall, then our September retreat might be right for you!  If, looking ahead, you anticipate a bit of a struggle over the winter holidays with a reset needed in January, we’ve got a date set for then as well.

At our previous Habit Reset retreat, participants returned home with refreshed perspectives and commitments that may have surprised them.  Habits were created to cook nourishing breakfasts, to sing more often, to de-clutter the house, and yes, habits in support of health and fitness goals too.  If you’re curious how the science of habits can help you to create transformation in your own life, we welcome you to join us!

Tim Lucier, Co-Facilitator of The Habit Reset

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