Writing a New Story for Humanity

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

In the Seneca tradition, June is the month of the Clan Mother Storyteller, an aspect of the Divine Mother that dwells within us all. As I have been working with the medicine of Storyteller, I have been reflecting on the Story of my Life and the Story of Humanity.

The Story of My Life has many ups and downs, joy and pain, success and failure, loss and achievement. It includes a full spectrum of human experience. And what I have come to understand and appreciate is that all of it comes together to create a beautiful story. One reason why I can see all of it as a beautiful story, even the most painful scenes, is that I understand that I created this story. I understand that I am responsible for this story. All the thoughts I had about myself, Life and relationships, combined with all of my choices, responses and actions, have created my life.

Once I stopped blaming others for doing “this or that” to me and decided to chose empowerment instead of victimhood, I finally understood a Universal Truth – we as human beings are incredibly powerful and it is in how we direct that power that we shape our lives and the course of humanity. Once I really understood this, that I am a very powerful Creator Being, I realized that it is also within my power to change my story and to alter the Story of Humanity.

In every situation we have a choice about how we will respond – from Love or anything other than Love. We can apply Love in powerful ways when we allow wisdom to be our guide. We gather wisdom from connecting with our Heart and Soul, from connecting to Creation and our Spiritual Allies, as well as reflecting on the gems we have collected from our own experiences and the experiences of others.

As the Summer Solstice of June 20th approaches, that is what we are being asked to do – to take a look at the story we have created and decide if we desire to keep writing it the same way. We are also being called to become aware of the Story of Humanity we have been writing and co-creating with our thoughts, responses and actions. When we judge someone, we are creating a story. When we blame others instead of taking responsibility for our own actions, we are creating a story. When we feed the Consciousness of Fear and get hooked into negative or apocalyptic thoughts, we are creating a very powerful story for humanity. Is the story we have been writing about humanity really the story we want to manifest? Is this story in line with our highest dream for ourselves or humanity? If not, it is time to remember our power and make new choices.

What I understand I am being called to do is reflect on the story I am writing right now, moment by moment, about myself and for All. And if any aspect of the story I am writing is not in alignment with the energy of Divine Love, then it is time for a re-write! In re-writing the story, it opens the possibility for an instantaneous shift or transformation, for ourselves, our families, our communities, and for All. Every thought we chose is that powerful! We are literally Co-Creators Beings of Life. And Creation is asking us now to decide what story we are going to keep writing and creating. The choice is ours and ours alone. The Story of Our Life and the Story of Humanity is a direct reflection of the story we will chose to write. We are being asked to choice wisely.

Summer Solstice Home Practice

This Summer Solstice involves many powerful Celestial events that offer us support for reflecting on and  re-writing the Story of Our Life. The full Moon and Sun will appear in the sky together, showering Earth and all of Creation with the energy of unity and “coming togetherness.” The Solstice also brings a flooding of Divine Light Codes from the Star Nations and our Spiritual Allies from the Above direction. Mother Earth is inviting us to go deeper into union with Her, as we chose to anchor the energies of Divine Love into our bodies, bridging this energy unto Earth.

Take time this Solstice to commune with all of Creation outside. Invite the wisdom of Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun to support you in reflecting on the Story of Your Life and on how you have been writing the Story of Humanity. Ground into Mother Earth, sending her love and asking for her support. Journey inward to ask your Heart and Soul what the highest potential for the Story of Your Life looks like, tastes like, sounds like, feels like, smells like. Ask what small shift you can make right now to begin writing this new story? What small shift can you make right now to begin writing a new story for humanity? Continue grounding into Mother Earth and invite the Light Codes of Divine Love to re-write the energies within your body to come into alignment with your highest potential as you chose to step into your Truth as the powerful Creator Being you are.

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