Writing The Story of Love

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

July, the 7th month of the year, is the medicine of the Clan Mother Loves All Things. Her medicine teaches us from within how to embrace all that unfolds in our lives with gratitude and how to use Empowered Love to create. Combined with our commitment to write a New Story for ourselves and humanity, the medicine of Loves All Things empowers us to be Co-Creators in writing the Story of Love.

What I understand Love to be is a living, breathing, flowing energy that permeates every layers of everything, everywhere. Love is the power of Creation and also the nature of Creation itself. Love is what we are all born from and what we return to when we make our voyage Home at the end of this lifetime. Love is what we are, what we are made of. Love dwells within All, even where we believe it is absent. However forgotten or lost in the shadows, Love, the Spark of Creation, is always present.

The pivotal home of Love within the human is in the Heart. Within the Heart burns the Eternal Fire of Creation. Our Heart Flame is ignited from the Spark of Life when we each chose as Souls to enter into another human form for each Earthly lifetime. It is that Love, the very Essence of who and what we are, that Loves All Things is asking us to remember and tap into again, re-learning how to create from this energy.

Loves All Things is asking us to find the Love in all situations – to see it, smell it, feel it, taste it and hear it – and then recognize the potential of Love in All. I have come to understand that in everyone and every situation, no matter how bleak I have judge it to be in my mind, Love lives. So I am, We are, being asked to look deeper, much deeper into the Heart of each person and each situation, to tease out the Love that is ever-present, and to write a New Story from that place, which in turn amplifies the energy of Love. In doing so we step into our true nature as Co-Creators of Love, writing the Story of Love for ourselves and All.

When we chose to go deeper and re-connect to the Storylines of Love, we chose to live in alignment with our Original Instructions as humans, writing and Co-Creating the stories we were always meant to manifest. When we choose this way of Being, we step into embodying our Highest Potential, recognizing it also in what is unfolding around us and therefore Co-Creating more of that energy – the energy of the Highest Potential of Divine Love that wells in All.

I understand that to step into my Highest Potential as Co-Creator of the Story of Love is a choice and a commitment to become the Being that I am, to live as the Highest Potential that I came to be in this lifetime. I am also choosing to have faith in and hold space for the awakening of that potential for Humanity. As I place my faith, trust and loyalty in Love, I reflect that back to All, empowering all those around me to step onto the path of being their Highest Potential and understanding it is possible for all of Humanity to live the Story of Love.

Home Practice

  1. With appreciation and gratitude for all the stories you have created, reflect on the story you have written about Love. What stories have you given to Love? Are all those stories of your own creation, or are you carrying the old stories of others that shape your view of Love? Are these stories in alignment with what Love truly is? Journey into your Heart to the Heart of Oneness, a what wonder what love looks like, sounds like, feels like, tastes like, and smells like. Breath this new understanding of Love into your whole Beingness, allowing the old stories of Love to dissolve and transform.
  2. Each day spend some time silently sending blessings to those around you, particularly strangers and those that challenge you the most. From your Heart and with intention, say in your mind, directing the message to the individual, “You are Loved. You are Love,” or, “I love you. May you remember you are Loved.”
  3. Next time you are challenged by a situation you have previously judged to be wrong, negative or destructive, search instead for the Highest Potential of Love. From the Heart and with intention, send out a prayer of what a Highest Potential of Love might be for the situation, trusting it is a possibility that can manifest. Begin your statement with, “May….”
  4. For example, you might say something like, “May all those involved find forgiveness in their Hearts for what has unfolded,” or, “May each individual involved find a deeper meaning and gem of learning from what has unfolded,” or, “May each individual involved remember that they have the power to walk the Path of Love. May they remember that they are Love.”
  5. Listen to the song that accompanies this sharing, Circle of Women by Nalini and friends. Sing it and add your own verses. Allow this to arise from your Heart and from Spirit. Alternatively, reflect on the question, “Who could benefit from the energy of Love right now?”, and then sing from the Heart to those individuals, adding verses that reflect the message of Love you desire to share with them. Sing to the Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Ancestors, Children, Animals, Water, Earth…..there is no limit to Love!

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