Living as Love – The Dream

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

Humans Living as Love is the Dream of Creator. When we each begin to remember the Sacred Truth that we are Love, that Love is the very essence of what we are made of, the Essence of Creation, then we are waking up to the Dream of Creator. Creator, the Divine Mother-Father, the God-Goddess, desired for us to be the Divine Creator-Beings that we are. That is who we are – Divine Creator-Beings; we are Love. And so life was created on Earth and humans took form, moving from living in the Spirit realms to embodying the form that we understand to be our physical reality. Earth is a physical-form planet, where we chose to come to experience this was of Being. Yet we are also being called to remember now that we are Spirit as physical form, and that the Dream of Creator is that we would Live as Love in this 3-dimensional physical form. The time has come to return to Living as Love, moving into the Golden Age of Light, bringing the Dream of Creator alive on Earth.

The Dream – poem written May 18, 2016

Hand in hand they stand. Heart to Heart beating as One.

Eye to eye they see into one another the Eternal Flame of Love.

They see themselves in the other,

recognizing the other as their own Beloved Self.

Love flows freely. Ever giving and receiving with no end.

There is no end when there was no beginning.

An infinite loop of Love,

ever flowing like the vast river that is Creation.

Always connected even when apart.

Sensing, feeling as One.

One Heart, One Soul, One Self, One Love.

One with God/Creator.

Always as One, the One Truth. Love.

Home Practice

We are all Co-Creators of the Story of Love for humanity. Every loving deed ripples out into the Web of Life and anchors the Story of Love as the prime reality on Earth. Living as Love is not meant to be complicated. It is our very nature. Each of us is simply meant to Be our part in bringing alive the Dream of Creator by Being our unique expression of Creation in human form. The part we are meant to Be is known within our Heart and Soul, connected to the Heart and Soul of Oneness, which we are part of.

The Calling you have to live as Love is a deep yearning of the Heart and Soul. Connect with that Calling by tuning into your Heart and Soul, grounding in the embrace of Mother Earth Gaia. Wonder, “What it is like for me to Live as Love?” Open your senses to what that looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like, tastes like. What is a word that sums up what Living as Love is to you? Use that word in some way which will serve as a reminder to you as your personal commitment to Living as Love and manifesting the Dream of Creator on Earth.

Affirm to yourself daily – I am Love. Allow this Sacred Truth to permeate your entire Beingess. Open yourself to Be Love.

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