Eclipse Season Embodiment

Guest Post By Kate Schuyler

Eclipse season is a time of great shifts. Of the emergence of truth. Of quick movement and breakthroughs. These can be seen and felt in the external, the internal, or both. It is a time of “tower moments”, which in Tarot means, great change. Endings to bring beginnings.

Waking up this morning, new sun blasting through the window after a few days of cold, windy rain, I felt it… the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries energy. Although it has been building since the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25, 2024, today my body seems to be feeling it the strongest. Dizzy, hyper yet exhausted, nauseous. Total Solar Eclipses, as we will be experiencing on April 8, 2024, are rare, as the path of totality varies from event to event. We’ll see the shadow of this eclipse landing its path through North Western Mexico, up through Texas to Maine in the US and through Eastern Canada. According to astrologist Tara Jade Nichols (instagram @tarajadestar), this means these countries and areas will be feeling the energetic impact of the eclipse the strongest.

This particular Total Solar Eclipse is conjunct Chiron, “The Wounded Healer” or “The Wise Mentor and Teacher”, supporting our healing, as well as giving a turbo boost of energy towards taking accountability, being the change and the courage to do our work. According to astrology app CHANI, Chiron will “highlight any hidden doubts that are blocking us from chasing down our dreams.” These blocks might be the shadow pieces we see emerge from our being in the coming days, weeks and months.

Preparing for Breakthroughs

As we move through this transformational time, we are able to work with this powerful energy to bring awareness to that which is unconscious, veiled, blocked or shadowed within us. Just as the moon will block the sun, we too will have opportunities to shine light on deeper karmic healing and to release expired behaviours, negative emotions and lower thought patterns.

We may find, over the coming weeks, the drive towards our grounding practices being highlighted. I know I for one, have set a routine of morning walks in the park and hot epson salt baths at night. I consider these two practices, that start and end each day, to be what keeps me rooted in my body through these potent times. From this place, I am able to make conscious decisions, take my time and hear my intuition.

Gathering in community is another way in which we may find our solace, support and grounding through change. This Heart Flow (May 2 – 5, 2024),‘ will be the first retreat in which I am stepping into a full mentor position with the leadership team. As my doubts and fears arise, as I prepare, I can feel the magnitude of this moment. Supported by the eclipse, Chiron and those around me, I am meeting this transformation with awareness. As my thoughts, patterns and beliefs show themselves, I am able to notice them, hold them, give them what they need and continue along my path.

Eclipse Season Meets Intuitive Painting

A practice I have found not only grounding, but also as a teacher, has been intuitive painting. This was developed by listening to the subtle cues of my intuition. I had the “hit” to get a canvas, and just start making circles with watercolour paint. I had no end design in mind. I sat down and allowed my hand to move from water, to paint to canvas, and back again. Each step opened up the next step.

First I laid a green circle, then a purple, then a red. I appreciated each new colour as it anointed my canvas. Once I laid those colours, I laid more colour on top, one circle, or step at a time. This painting is not yet finished. I will be tinkering with it as the weeks and months go on. It will remind me to take one step, or make one decision, at a time. Allowing spaciousness, flow and rest to be the priority.

As we move through this lunar and solar eclipse energy together, my wish is that we find the time and space to support ourselves and each other. Deep rest when needed, grounding, gathering in circle, laughing with friends and being creative.

Remembering that on the other side of each ending, ending, is a new beginning and that with great change comes great liberation.

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