The Eyes of Creator

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

If you could see yourself with the Eyes of Creator, you would know your Truth. You would not be afraid to own it because you would see that in all of Creation you are unique and special, and that the puzzle of Creation can only be complete with the puzzle piece that you are. You would know that you are needed in your fullest light. You would know you are loved for the perfection that you are.

If you could see the integral role you play in the Big Picture, you would never doubt yourself. You would never doubt the stirrings in your Heart that are calling you to share that story, paint that painting, read that book or give that hug. You would never doubt your gut instincts telling you to cross or not cross the road, to introduce yourself to that person across the room or to drop everything and do that thing you so desire, even though someone tells you it is foolish or a waste of time.

If you could see with the Eyes of Creator, you could see deeply, past any of the layers of old stuff that hides you from yourself or that you have been hiding behind (because you believed it when someone once said you weren’t enough). You would see that you are enough and that you are more than enough because you are the entirety of everything wrapped up in the beautiful package you are. You would see that you are the rolling waves of the sea, the steadfast mountains, and the dew drop on a flower petal at dawn. You are the sunset and the sunrise, and everything in between. You would see that you are the twinkling stars in the sky and the sky itself. You would see that you are everything and everything is you.

If you could see yourself with the Eyes of Creator, you would realize that Creator’s eyes are your eyes, that you are one and the same. You see, dearest ones, you are Creator and Creator is you. There is only One, no beginning and no ending.

So step up to the mirror and see yourself anew with the Eyes of Creator, the very own ones that stare back at you.

Home Practice:

Spend some time in nature, such as the beach, a park or under the starry night sky. With all of your senses, tune-in to the beauty that is around you. Take some special time to tune-in with each of your senses, and as you do this, realize that all the beauty that you sense is a reflection of your own beauty. Breathe this knowing in and allow it to permeate your entire Beingness.

Next time you step up to a mirror, take a moment to breath deeply into your Heart, allowing your vision to soften and shift. Acknowledge yourself as a Creator Being and as a reflection of all of the beauty that exists in Creation. As you look into your own eyes, acknowledge them as the Eyes of Creator. As the Eyes of Creator, what beauty do your own eyes see now as you softly gaze at your reflection?

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