Symphony of Life

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

Each of us has a Heart Song, a unique sound that is part of the Symphony of Life, the song of the One Heart of Creation. This is what we came here to contribute – to share the most magnificent sound that is ours and ours alone, to bath all Life with our song. It is also what we came here to receive – to allow ourselves to be bathed by the songs of others.

And just every so often, we also might be asked to sing the song of another, so that that song may be heard and remembered…

This summer I traveled to Israel and Jordan. While in Jordan, at the 3500 year-old Nabatean city of Petra, one of the Wonders of the World, I had the honour of singing the Heart Song of another, the Heart Song of the very ancient stones themselves, giving voice to the most ancient of Ancestors of that land. The city of Petra was created by carving into the mountains; the houses, tombs and places of ceremony and worship of the Nabatean people are all carved deep into the rosey-coloured stone. As I stood inside one of what are known as the Royal Tombs, I felt the energy of a song rise through the bottoms of my feet, flowing up my body and into my throat. I felt the strong desire to sing, though I did not know what the song was. I asked my Jordanian guide if it was permissible to sing there and he said it was. When I opened my mouth, I felt as if the voice of the stones rose through my body and out into the air. I smiled to myself as I sung because it was a beautiful song. My body vibrated with the pure joy of the song as my sense of myself dropped away and I became the song. During those two minutes, it also felt as if time stopped and the space between the past and the present disappeared. Singing the Heart Song of those Grandmother and Grandfather stones was one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given, and it was certainly the most profound singing experience of my life so far.

By giving voice to our Heart Song we activate our True Voice, a vibration that only we can contribute to the Symphony of Life. It is through voicing our Heart Song that we also activate the remembering of our Personal Truth, the why of why we are here on Earth.

As we sound our Heart Song it initiates a chain reaction in all of Creation, opening the doorway to allow others to also remember and find the courage to voice their own Heart Song, joining their True Voice into the Symphony of Life. Voicing our Heart Song aligns us with the Truth of all Existence, inspiring us to clearly step forward into the Circle to which we all belong, shining and sharing our gifts in our unique way.

To know and voice our Heart Song is perhaps one of the most significant gifts we can offer, both to our own self and to the One Self and All of Life which we are part of. The sound of the Heart Song is so powerful that it ripples out into Infinity, gently kissing all it touches with the Breath of Life.

Through voicing our Heart Song, we awaken to the innate Heart connection within us that weaves all aspects of our Being into the Web of Life. As we tap into the Web of Life within, we also remember our connection through the Web of Life to all beings in Creation. Each being in the Web of Life has a Heart Song, including rocks, trees, plants, animals, planets and the elements. Each of their Heart Songs, just like ours, are part of the Symphony of Life.

To give life to our Heart Song is to say Yes to Life and this opens our portals within to receive the abundance that Life wishes to bestow upon us. When we say Yes to Life, we open the portals within our inner Tree of Life that free our Essence to flow and shine. We become shining Stars, guiding others Home to their Heart and Soul and to the remembering of their own Heart Song.


Heart Song of Petra: Home Practice

Bring your full awareness to your Heart and take some time to breath into that space, allowing yourself to come down and rest there. Allow all but the present moment fall away for just a little while.  Let your Heart know you are willing to give voice its song, that you are willing to remember your True Voice. With all your senses, root through your Heart into the Earth and anchor from your Heart into the Heavens, consciously activating your Pillar of Light. As you listen to the recording, Heart Song of Petra, allow its vibration to stir your own Heart Song to rise from within your depths. Invite your Heart to share whatever sound or song it wishes to share at this time, and allow yourself to be bathed in that vibration.

**You may discover that your Heart Song is not a song at all, but rather one of the infinite and multi-dimensional ways in which we can express our own Personal Truth and be part of the Symphony of Life. Be open to receiving your Heart Song however it manifests within you and wishes to be expressed in Creation.

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2 thoughts on “Symphony of Life”

  1. This story brought me tears of joy for I felt such a deep gratitude for Jane, the ancient stones and for giving a voice to the ancient Ancestors of the land in Petra. Janey, thank you for sharing, it was truly a gift to read♥

  2. As I listened to you singing The Heart Song of Petra, the trees were dancing in a wind storm that was just ending, and behind the trees, the sky was glowing in a sunset of purples and pink. It felt as though the world was listening and responding with such joy and gratitude. The song is so beautiful… Thank you so much Jane, for sharing this beauty with us.

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