The Journey To My Heart

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For my 33rd birthday, looking for answers, seeking peace and happiness, I decided to gift myself a weekend at the Edge. Little did I know it would change my life.

Yearning for deep healing, I immersed myself in this experience which was unknown yet strangely familiar. I was meant to be here. To sit in circle with these people I didn’t know but felt strongly connected to. I knew that I found a home at the Edge, and in Martha’s sensible words, “Our survival as a human species depends upon remembering ancient wisdom, and our connection to the spirit that lives in all things”.

My broken heart was gifted unconditional love during my first Heart Flame training, in February 2017. What is unconditional love I wondered? Caring for the happiness of another person without any expectations in return. This concept opened the door to my journey within.

Feeling lost, but yearning for answers, I decided to listen deeply. What do I love; can I love unconditionally, or even receive it? Seeking answers buried long ago I found the key to my heart’s locket. It’s not about what I love I realized, it’s about who I love. And that starts with the truly, unconditionally, loving self.

Self-love, that is something I walked away from long ago, instead yearning for external validation from my family, peers, coworkers, even strangers. Summoning adoration for my self I journeyed forward towards the lessons I needed to learn and live by.  Patching the wounds of one’s heart is a right of passage to loving unconditionally. We have all been hurt, have closed our hearts, and have let our ego seep into our veins. Our true heart of hearts can be cleared and restored.  We can love fully in every moment by seeing the perfection in everything, even pain and loss.

Upon my return home from the Edge, I signed up for a year long subscription of the Heart Foundations Retreats, and, the one year Algonquin Journey program. I spoke on the phone with the program coordinators, who were taking the time to ensure I was sure and ready to take this big leap, diving deep within through these two trainings, to which I answered, “I have never been so ready for anything in my whole life.”

Opening my heart I listened deeply, finding my inner child that held the key to reigniting my gifts. Being part of a bigger circle of giving and receiving inspired me to commit to my path, fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I made a yearlong investment in my own creative potential and power. Allowing for space to connect with the Divine Source on my quest for inner peace, I devoted to ripening my connection with spirit, and I committing to opening my heart, hearing the music, releasing the song in my heart, and flowing with the universe and creating waves of unconditional love. Prioritizing time for spiritual practice, I created new agreements with Mother Earth.

What came to me as I open my senses to Mother Nature’s song?

A Story of Love

We can find strength in believing

We are beautiful, resilient and free

Our choices fuel our vitality

We all carry special gifts to serve Mother Earth

We are not here merely to take, but to give and receive

We are love and peace

I am you

You are me

Together we are one

A community

We are never alone

Spirit is by your side

Through our hearts in circle we can shine

Release and dream again

Visions are clear

Our path on the spiral of life is determined by destiny

Realized and only influenced by will

Take the step towards the WE  

Over the years I had created expectations for myself, shaped from external and internal critics, dimming my light, my true nature, my self. To combat distracting influences in my environment I learned to build a strong internal dialogue rooted in tenderness and self-compassion. This is work I did at the Edge. On this sacred land I felt at home, vibrating, shinning. No one did the work for me. I was being supported, but it was up to me to find answers. It was a time for me to look, to listen, to taste, to feel, to smell.

At each training, we shared stories, experiences and messages by way of the circle. I reached deep inside myself to find my inner child, accepting its gifts and reigniting my intuition. Opening myself to be a vessel for spirit to express itself, I listened deeply from my heart, receiving the gifts of our sharing, valuing our threads of connection, weaving the tapestry of our collective experience while bearing witness to others. Spirits came through in various ways: journeys, dreams, questions, visions, feelings, songs, dance and heart yearnings. For me, tears are part of the releasing and cleansing process.

Together we weaved the dream of unity, love and peace, which inspired me to write the following:


Finding softness and kindness are treasures

Gifts – fuelling my eternal fire

Breaking my internal and external walls

Perpetuating feelings of love

Like a bird freed from its cage

I can fly up above

Singing with the sun

Dancing with the moon

I now see the beauty in shadow  

For its teachings and growth are the powerful passages

To my destiny

I am listening

I am here

I am now

I am love

In Nature

I found a home in my heart

And from that place comes magic

Giving roots to our highest vibration of Truth, I was breaking free from ideas that no longer served me, allowing me to wake up to my gifts. Throughout the year I received the encouragement I needed to stay on my path of transformation.

I first had to find the spirit that lived inside me to recognize the spirits all around me.  Breaking free from ideas that no longer serve me, I received the support, encouragement and space to transform gracefully, through dreams of unity, love and peace.  I found strength in the Circle, in synchronicity, in intuition, in healing.

I feel like this new chapter in my life comes with immense responsibility, to be myself, to stay grounded in Truth, as I embrace our worlds’ prevailing dualities.  Acknowledging my eternal light to navigate my sacred path, I have found strength in The Circle. Each and every one circle member has helped me get here. My guides are showing me the power of unconditional love, and how to use my vitality for transference of this love. It is time for me to stand for peace – within my own heart and for the world, to fuel my vessel of love, and to start fulfilling my destiny.

Moving forward I am committed to following my sacred path by learning to always live in synchronicity with the earth and my intuition, honouring my gifts for healing.

Home Practice:

Opening your heart, reaching deep within yourself, imagine meeting your inner child of unconditional love.

  • What does your inner child of unconditional love look like?
  • What age are they?
  • What is their favourite food?
  • What does it feel like to look into their eyes?
  • What is their favourite song?
  • What would it be like to offer the best gift you can imagine to your inner child of unconditional love?
  • What would it be like to receive a special soul gift of unconditional love from your inner child?

After you feel complete with this exercise, take gentle time to honour yourself with this special soul exchange, maintaining the feeling of the energy of the unconditional love in your body.

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  1. Thank you Lyanne, I echo your your journey, your growth, and your truth. Bless you, bless Spirit and bless The Edge!

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