Songlines Track 10 & 11: The Story of The Bone Song

by Martha Lucier

Just after facilitating a Death and Beyond Shamanic Training, I had a vision of an old Grandmother, paddling a home made raft on the Yangtse River.

She used a long pole, to propel the raft through the thick water. She reached down, digging deep with the pole, bringing up old bones and placing them on the back of the raft. The vision panned out further, where I saw a Grandmother on the Nile in her home-made boat made out of reeds, digging deep down to collect the bones. Then, another Grandmother on the Danube, Mississippi and all the major riverways or tributaries around the Earth.


Bone Song Lyrics

Oh ho ho, hey hey ho hey
Oh hey hey ho
Oh ho ho, hey hey ho hey
Oh hey ho hey ho

Oh the time has come now
The time to listen
Oh the time has come now
To listen to them bones

Oh the Earth she is rumbling
Tossing and turning
Oh the Earth she is rumbling
Rumbling so deep

Oh listen, listen
Listen deeply
Oh listen, listen
Listen to them bones

Feel them, feel them bones
Dance them, dance them bones

Sing them, sing them bones
Crunch them, crunch them bones

Listen to them bones


These Grandmothers were very, very old, and crippled, with bent and sore backs. The message the Grandmother’s shared is that this work is too hard for them to do any longer on their own, and they need help.

It is time for all of us to tend to the bones of our ancestors, by listening and healing the Bones within us. Mother Earth is speaking loudly now, as her bones creek and rumble. Just as we carry gifts and suffering of our ancestors, so too does Mother Earth.

From a Shamanic perspective, where there is trauma on the land, unless it is cleared of the trauma and the suffering souls are released to return home, more and more trauma will continue in that place.

Mother Earth is inviting us to heal the wounds that have been passed onto us from our ancestors, so the she too may be freed of trauma. It is time for us all to take responsibility clearing and healing our own bones, so that future generations may know a time of peace and unity.

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