Songlines Track 8 & 9: Oh Sweet Earth & Echo Song Within

by Chris & Trae Sheridan

Oh Sweet Earth, by Trae:

Oh Sweet Earth is a song prayer composed during a shamanic training program. The song was used in my preparation for shamanic journey to become the hollow bone in service to spirit.

“Night Blossom” painting by Ella Sheridan.



Oh sweet earth, mother mine

Keep me whole, this life this time

Father sky help me to go

Into this world hollow and full

When I am open, I let myself be

I breathe in oneness and I am free.


Echo Song Within, by Chris

Echo song within is an invitation to step Into oneness. By expanding our awareness into our inner stillness we connect with the voice within that longs to express its unique message. The more we echo the sounds of the inner voice the more free and full it becomes. The invitation is to explore the inner soundings within you and give voice to the frequency that is your contribution to conscious living and connection.

Photo by Chris Sheridan

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