New Way Dreaming: Connecting Rainbow Bridges

As many around the world celebrate Easter and the renewal of life, the foundation of the old unsustainable dream of the world is crumbling.  Indigenous peoples worldwide share a belief that our world is a reflection of our thoughts and actions, created through the power of our imagination. What would it be like if we utilized our dreaming ability to create a new world view that honours and sustains life?     

For structures to be sustainable, they must have a strong, stable foundation. Creating a new world that honours and sustains life, first requires tending to our inner foundation, our inner fire of creation.  Listening deeply, we can hear the Earth calling us to tend to what is out of alignment within our own lives, honing our gifts and skills to co-create a new foundation of the world that honours all of life.    

A calling may feel like a dull ache or longing in your heart, or a churning in the gut. It may sound like a faint voice in the distance that beckons your attention, or wakes you up in the middle of the night, and stays with you over time. It may appear abstract and nonsensical, beyond any understanding of your rational mind. It may smell and taste like home – something comforting and familiar – like a grandmother’s cooking and baking, transporting you back in time. 

Responding to a calling may look like an inward action of self care, such as taking time for rest, reflection and offering forgiveness. Responding to a call may look like a door of opportunity opening, leading you to take outward action by fulfilling a need within your family, community or in the world at large.  

Imagine the highest version of yourself standing at the edge of the universe with your soul family, looking upon the Earth before coming to the planet.  With your soul family as witnesses, you make a commitment to grow into your greatest potential through fulfilling a particular role and purpose upon the earth.  As you prepare to take the leap of faith together, you are each gifted a golden thread of your commitments. This thread connects to your heart, carrying your unique signature or vibration embedded within it.  As you embody your soul on the earth, this thread keeps you connected to the highest version of yourself, supported by your soul family. What might it be like to place trust in your heart, answering each call by allowing this connecting golden thread to guide you through life’s journey, raising you into your highest potential?

Have you ever felt re-inspired and re-ignited after meeting a new friend or someone from the past? Our soul family members can show up in different ways, awakening us to commitments we made long ago, amplifying our calling, and encouraging us to respond to the calling of our hearts. As we experience our world at a still point of evolution – a place of great unknown – how might our highest selves and soul family be calling and guiding us to respond together to the greatest needs we perceive? 

I give thanks to my soul sister, Jan Beaver, who reminds me of my potential, calling and commitment. We support each other in answering the calling of our hearts, even though at times it may feel frightening and risky, such as our recent travels to Australia when bushfires were rampant and as COVID-19 began to spread around the world. Together, with our soul family, we travel far, carried by faith as we embody our living prayers of the New Earth. 


Story by Jan Beaver, Circle Member & Co-Facilitator:

This story begins in Maui in 2013 with my soul sister, Martha Lucier. During that journey, Spirit and the Koholas, humpback whales, called us to do some very profound work there, to sing the new Song of Creation, into the heart of Haleakala, a sacred volcanic mountain, calling to the hearts of humanity to awaken, raise their consciousness and remember who they are.  During that journey, we travelled to Hana to offer a ceremony at the site where stories say the bones of Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and fire, are buried in a red hill next to a beautiful beach. On our way back from Hana, we stopped in to visit with a grove of beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. It was there that a small stick called out asking to come home with me.

~ Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

When I returned to Canada, I was actively dreaming while holding this stick, when suddenly the spirit of the stick came to life, becoming a stunningly beautiful Rainbow Serpent. Her skin shone with many lines of iridescent dots, each of a different rainbow colour, spiralling around her body. Her eyes were like deep ruby red crystals. She asked me if I could paint her skin for her so that she could begin to work with our circle. 

 ~ Rainbow Serpent stick on Jan’s altar

Then she invited me into this beautiful euphoric space where a vision unfolded before my eyes…

I am standing in a very large group of people around Uluru, a mountain sacred to the Indigenous peoples of Australia in the central desert. To my left is a beautiful Grandmother, one of the Indigenous people of Australia. She has a radiant, smiling face and apple cheeks. I feel a very deep love and connection to her.

There are thousands of people there, and as we hold hands, we are able to fully encircle Uluru. We begin to sing a beautiful harmonic song that everyone knows. It is very powerful and the energy and light begins to intensify as we sing. All of our hearts are flowing with this light, flowing to Uluru.

We see a massive serpent emerge out of the top of the sacred mountain. She is gigantic; miles and miles long. The Grandmother beside me smiles and says not to worry. This is the Rainbow Serpent, Wanampi, who lives at Uluru. The Rainbow Serpent slithers down the side of Uluru encircling all of us, moving in a counter-clockwise direction around Uluru, finally connecting her head to her tail in the shape of an ouroboros. Once she completes her circle around us, a column of light shoots out of the top of Uluru into infinity of the Sky World. It is an amazing feeling of euphoria, unity and love as we all continue to sing and weep.

Rainbow Serpent then moves away and grows and grows as she encircles the Earth. Another magnificent serpent then appears and he encircles the earth in the opposite direction, forming another ouroboros. I wonder if this might be the Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, a Creator Deity from the Mayan teachings. These two gigantic snakes form two huge undulating circles on the face of the earth, each spinning around the earth;  one serpent moving from west to east and the other serpent moving from east to west. They seem to be holding the earth in balance. In two places, the serpents crossed over each other.

~ Uluru

Later, as I began to research all the information I could find about Uluru, I found a book from the 60s by  Robert Coon, about Earth Chakras (energy centers), a concept from early traditions of Hinduism.  Coon identified Uluru and the neighboring mountainous area, Kata Tjuta, as the solar plexus chakra or power centre of Mother Earth.  

Robert Coon was an author of several books and lecturer mainly on spiritual principles of physical immortality.  He brought forward the detailed body of work related to the Earth’s energy grid, sacred places and chakras. In his book The Rainbow Serpent and The Holy Grail the author mentions a ceremony that the Ancient Ones of Australia had begun at Uluru in Creation times, but that this ceremony was interrupted and never completed. I knew right away that my vision was showing me part of the work that would be done to support the completion of that ceremony by the Ancient Ones of Australia. 

~ Map of the earth chakras

According to Coon, January 12, 2020 would be an auspicious time for this work to begin during a rare conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all aligning in Capricorn. Coon felt that this time period was going to be an incredibly powerful opening between the Star Nations and Earth. The interrupted ceremony when completed would create a Rainbow Bridge, or solar umbilical cord, connecting the Heart of the Sun to the Heart of the Earth, resulting in transformation and elevation of consciousness for all of Creation.  Indigenous peoples around the world say that humans will remember their Original Instructions from the Great Mystery about how to live in balance with the Earth and all other beings with an elevation in consciousness.   

The completion of the ceremony by the Ancient Ones of Australia reminded me of the prophecy of the Indigenous nation called the Anishinaabe, from the Great Lakes area. The Seven Fires Prophecy told of all of the crucial events that would happen to the Anishinaabe as a result of  European contact and colonization. Key events were represented by a ‘fire’, such as the migration of the Anishinaabe away from the east coast to the Great Lakes area, loss of language and culture and residential schools. The end of the prophecy talked about the time of the Eighth Fire;  a time of choosing a path forward. Would we choose war, materialism, hatred and falsehood or would we choose peace, truth, love and compassion? I sensed that we were now at that fork in the road, and it was time to choose. 

I made up my mind to follow my heart’s calling and be at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the Solar Plexus of Mother Earth in January, 2020. The  Manipūra Chakra located in the Solar Plexus embodies the fire element, regulating the digestive fire and heat of the body.  Within this chakra the nervous system is maintained, organs are energized and one’s will and power is ignited. An imbalanced or blocked manipura chakra may manifest as a fear of failure, social resistance, pressure, rejection, abuse of power and powerlessness, impeding the flow of overall health. 

 The timing of the onset of the bushfires in Australia felt very significant and affirming of the need for the completion of the ancient ceremony by the aboriginal peoples.  I had to do everything in my own power to answer the call of Spirit and help in any way I could to ensure that the ceremony was safely completed by the Ancient Ones of Australia. I trusted the call of my own heart, and in the alignment of the stars and planets.  Together, a circle of those called to support this journey began to gather pieces of our inspiration for this work.

~ Kata Tjuta

Martha, too, felt called to offer ceremony in Uluru.  Our sacred partners would also join us on this journey as guardians and gatekeepers of our work.   Balancing and clearing the Rainbow and Feathered Serpent energy lines of the Earth, also requires balancing the masculine and feminine within us and within our relationships; as above, so below, as within, so without.   

Engaging in active dreaming we gathered insights of our ceremonial trip, connecting us to the wisdom of our higher selves, our spirit helpers, and to the spirit of the lands we were traveling to. We listened for the common threads in our findings, and wove together a guiding inspiration for our travels. 

Taking the time to deeply listen from our hearts, co-creating an inspiration, we activated the creative energy within us manifesting our future experience. Like a guiding compass, our inspiration would maintain our connection to the bigger picture, our higher purpose and original calling for coming together. And at any future time should our calling, commitment and faith be challenged, our inspiration would ground, calm and reassure us, keeping us on course. 

In the Way of the Circle, we have learned how essential it is to have a guiding inspiration when people are called to come together for transformational purposes, allowing us to achieve our healing and growth potential. Letting go of the old mindset of attaching ourselves to a pre-planned itinerary of our trip, we placed our trust in the overall guiding inspiration, knowing that we were prepared to follow the guidance of our hearts and Spirit in the present moments of our sacred journey. Our inspiration would also provide a flexible structure that ensured clarity, focus, presence, creative flow, safety, and harmony, while setting our prayerful story into motion until its completion. 

Our guiding inspiration: Breathing the fire of Creation into each other’s Dragon Hearts, we become rainbow bridges, connecting Source to the Heart of Mother Earth. We vibrate with truth, as we restore our DNA to Divine perfection, singing the lost chord into the songlines, clearing all pathways with grace and ease as we work with our crystal families, the Rainbow Serpent and Quetzalcoatl. We are guided by the Ancient Ones of Australia and our Divine Spirit Team, as we become the midwives and doulas assisting the birth of the new world, where all embody their highest expression of truth, love, compassion and unity.  

Prior to leaving for Uluru, an emerging theme I noticed was about the importance of the still point between the in-breath and the out-breath, where we feel our connection to everyone and everything. It was also about independence and freeing ourselves, and a dawning realization that we best empower those around us by honoring their freedom. There was a sound or hum I began to hear in this still place. Perhaps it was the new song of Mother Earth; the harmony of all our individual sounds of connection, calling us home.  The new song has become much clearer and louder now with the advent of the Corona 19 virus as we collectively entered the still point between the inhale and exhale.  

Robert Coon referred to the sound we can hear in the still point as the lost chord in his book, The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail: “The lost chord of creation is a concept like the Holy Grail. If we could find this lost chord, and then sound it, earthly perfection would be the result. This lost chord contains three notes. Each note is sounding from a global earth chakra. Each note is associated with a particular spiritual quality. The note of love resonates from the cardinal heart chakra in Glastonbury (Southern England), the note of praise sings from the crown chakra at Mt Kailas (Himalayas,Tibet) and the third note of gratitude expands from Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Central Australia), the cardinal solar plexus chakra. Hear the chord formed by these three notes within every atom of your being.”  Entering the still point together, an opportunity has opened for the human family to hear and sing the lost chord of love, praise and gratitude together.  

In October 2019, I read a news article about the Anangu people of Australia successfully putting a stop to tourists climbing to the top of Uluru. Reclaiming the sacredness of the mountain, the power centre of Mother Earth, empowered the indigenous people and the voice of Mother Earth.   In that story was a photo of Aunty Nelly Patterson, an Anangu elder and keeper of the Tjukurpa, the sacred law that links Anangu people to their environment and ancestors.  I recognized Nelly right away as the Grandmother in my vision! When I searched for more information about her, I found her Facebook page which talked about her vision of New Way Dreaming, teaching all people about the original culture of the Indigenous peoples of Australia. She hoped to build peace, respect and understanding through New Way Dreaming. Nelly had come to me along the songlines.   I just knew I would find Nelly in Australia.   A songline is an English translation of the concept of maps or tracks of the land and the stories of those areas. The colonizers saw the Australian Indigenous people singing and chanting as they travelled along these tracks past the sacred areas and significant landforms.  The tracks are a part of Aboriginal culture, connecting people to their land, sometimes referred to as ‘dreaming tracks’.  

A powerful portal for this journey opened during a Winter Solstice ceremony in December 2019 on the shores of Kawawaymog Lake in Ontario. During ceremony, trauma was released to the sacred fire to make room for joy and love to flow even more strongly through our hearts and all of the songlines. An invitation to be in this space of fierce love welcomed us to flow into 2020, an incredible year of clarity of vision and the euphoria of connection to Creation.

I sensed that a massive DNA realignment began to unfold assisted by the quartz crystals, the Herkimer diamond crystals and the Tibetan singing crystals that many of our Circle cary to do Causal Body Realignment work. The Causal Body is the energy field that surrounds us and continues to exist after death. Our crystals knew how to vibrate with the sounds of the lost chord and they offered to help us in our journey to Australia. 

In Australia, at the time of our arrival, we saw on the news the depth of the impact of many bush fires, particularly on the animals. It was very painful to watch the news and face the truth that it is humanity that must shoulder the responsibility for having caused this situation of imbalance through climate change. So many animals were leaving their lives in Australia because that choice was much better than trying to survive on a scorched earth without water, baking at 51 degrees C. The heartstrings of humanity were being pulled taut. Prayers of truthful, loving compassion were all focused on Australia, right at the moment of the opening of the stargate created by the planetary conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all aligning in Capricorn that Robert Coon had written about. The time of the Eighth Fire, as foretold by the prophets who came to the Anishinaabe people long before European contact, was upon us. Things were accelerating at the speed of love.

We are at the fork in the road now. What do we choose…the road of love, or the road of hate? Truth or deceit? Compassion or greed? 

As my partner and I were walking back to our hotel on January 10, 2020, we passed the grassy lawn area beside the Town Square of Yulara. There was a beautiful Australian Aunty sitting there on the grass. It was Aunty Nelly! I went right over and sat down with her. We talked and laughed as I introduced myself. I had written her a letter and sent it with a small gift from Canada in December before my departure. In it, I had told her all about the vision of Uluru and the Rainbow Serpent. It turns out that she had  just received my package the day before when she returned from visiting her family down Adelaide way over the Christmas holidays. It was like we had known each other forever. I asked her for permission to do pipe ceremonies at Uluru and Kata Tjuta and she gave us her blessings. She said it was part of the New Way Dreaming.

~ Jan, Aunty Nelly & her Kuniya painting

I bought one of her dot paintings that day. It depicted snakes known as Kuniya. The painting was of a mother Kuniya and three of her children. The ancient stories of the Indigenous peoples of Australia say that the Kuniya were peaceful snake people who lived beside Uluru. I was to become very familiar with the powerful story of what happened to the Kuniya snake people in the Creation times.

During the night, this Kuniya mother took me on a spiritual journey with Grandmother Moon and Sacred Turtle Woman Song Pipe, a sacred pipe that I am responsible for as a carrier. In my active dreaming, I was shown the locations of the obstructions to flow of energy along the songlines at both Uluru and Kata Tjuta. The songlines or dreamtracks, are energy pathways across Australia marking the routes followed by Creator Beings in the Ancient times. The first clearing of energy in the songlines had to happen at Kata Tjuta, the place where only the men were permitted to offer ceremony.

On January 11, we travelled to Kata Tjuta to offer a sacred pipe ceremony there to remove obstruction and restore the flow. This obstruction had to do with the imbalance between masculine and feminine power and the separation of men and women doing their ceremonial work. There are seven massive domes of rock at Kata Tjuta that Robert Coon said represented the seven chakras. The first place we travelled was up the Walpa Gorge, to the navel centre, between the sacral and solar plexus chakra domes. It was there that we did the pipe ceremony. It was a very special place where the water had collected at the entrance to the gorge. We could feel the flow as we spoke our inspiration, sang songs, and offered our heartfelt prayers.

~ Walpa Gorge

Then, we travelled on to the Valley of the Winds, between the heart and the throat chakras. This final obstruction at Kata Tjuta had to be removed before we removed the obstruction at Uluru so that the sudden burst of flow had somewhere to flow into. Once again, we sang powerful songs, waking up the rocks and clearing our own heart and throat chakras. Then we placed the dreams we were hatching into a stone egg and left it in a small clump of spiny grass that looked like a rather large nest.

There is a story that is part of the Tjukurpa, the sacred record and law of the Creation times. It tells of one of the obstructions at Uluru that happened when the peaceful Kuniya snake people were attacked by the Liru poisonous snake people. Bulari was the leader of the peaceful carpet snake people, the Kuniya. She lived with the Kuniya on the southwest side of Uluru and they were attacked by the poisonous Liru snake people. Before Bulari went into battle with the Liru, she left her eggs for safekeeping at Kuniya Piti at the very eastern tip of Uluru.

At sunrise, we travelled to Bulari’s cave to share our inspiration with her and ask permission to do the pipe ceremony. We were visited by a kestrel flying high above us along rim of Uluru. Blessings were received and as we left we saw a mother bird sitting on her eggs in a nest just above us.

~ Bulari’s Cave

We were called to do our sunrise pipe ceremony at Kuniya Piti where Bulari had left her eggs. We were shown that many of the Kuniya and Liru spirits have remained at Uluru fighting each other over all of these millennia, disrupting the energy field and flow through the songlines of Uluru. 

Our first task was to do a pipe ceremony to release the trauma imprinted in this land and the spirits attached to this earthly realm. The Rainbow Serpent offered to carry all of the spirits of the  Kuniya and Liru snake people home to the light. Once complete, we were leaving when we had not left an offering of water which we had been doing for all of the ceremonies. We returned to the rock to do this and as we turned to walk back a baby snake, red with 4 black rings, slithered across the path in front of us. What a blessing!

Another story in the Tjukurpa shares about the next blockage that was at the most sacred cave site at Uluru, the Mala Puta Cave, the cave from which all human life enters the Earth realm. The Mala people were the rufous hare wallaby people, who were welcomed to Uluru long ago in the Creation times, by the marsupial mole woman, Minyma Itjaritjari. The Mala people were given the responsibility of conducting a ceremony called the Ngaltawaddi, a Great Ritual, designed to create and activate the Rainbow Bridge, a solar umbilical cord connecting the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of the Sun. The Mala people had a baby eagle, Kudrun, who was the symbol of their yearning to ascend to a higher frequency.

A tribe from west of Uluru was jealous of the Mala people and this ceremony and in order to disrupt it they sent an evil dingo Kulpunya, to attack the Mala people. Kingfisher Bird woman saw Kulpunya approaching the area where the Mala people were doing their ceremony. She sensed the  darkness of Kulpunya as he shapeshifted into many forms along the way. She tried to warn the Mala people but the men and women had already begun their separate ceremonies called inma. Both the women and the men were angry that she was interrupting their ceremony and they sent her away. Kulpunya attacked and killed Kudrun and then attacked and killed many of the Mala people.

The Great Ritual was interrupted and never completed. So, Mala Puta, the birthing cave, the connection point of the songline to Kata Tjuta, was obstructed by this trauma. On this morning, we all stood in the birthing canal between the massive Tree of Life boulder and a smaller boulder beside it and cleared the obstruction using the Tibetan singing crystals while singing songs and the lost chord with them. The lost chord is the sound of our lost connection or perceived connection to the root of love that connects us All. The more we awaken our hearts, the more we can behold the beauty of life within and around us and restore our connection.

At the Mala Cave, Martha buried the umbilical cord of her new drum, a drum birthed by the World Drum with the intention of healing the wound of separation of humanity from their Earth Mother.  We rubbed ourselves with wet red sandstone, giving ourselves new life and a new skin as we connected to the Rainbow Bridge, breathing the flow through our hollow tubes and songlines. It was amazing, beautiful, gentle and powerful pulsing energy like the umbilical cord pulsing the last of the blood into the baby before the cord is cut! It was a whirlwind of ceremony, emotions, deep spiritual work, intense heat and flies but finally the day arrived to leave the Uluru area and return to Alice Springs. We thought we were done, but Spirit had other ideas.

Once in Alice Springs, we each had a nagging feeling that there was something more we needed to attend to.  It had something to do with the ancient Australian story of the Seven Sisters that Nelly had told us. The Seven Sisters had been relentlessly pursued by an evil man named Wati Nyiru. He wanted one of the sisters for himself. The songline of this pursuit covers half of Australia. Finally, in desperation, the Sisters escaped into the Star World to get away from Wati Nyiru. They became the constellation of stars known as the Pleiades. Wati Nyiru was so mad with lust that he followed them into the Star World, becoming the Morning Star. 

Aunty Nelly’s adopted daughter, Karen, then shared with us that when the elders stopped the tourists climbing Uluru and removed the chains that people had used to hold on to climb, it felt like Uluru and all women were reclaiming their sovereignty and power. They were no longer accepting being walked upon, downtrodden or subservient. They were saying “No more” and rising into their full empowerment.

We knew that our final ceremony would have to do with a celebration of this empowerment. Martha did some searching and found a place near Alice Springs called Angkerle Atwatye, the

Place Where the Water Moves Between, a Women’s Dreaming Place. It sounded perfect, so we journeyed there. What we found was a stunningly beautiful chasm of red quartzite rock formed in an ancient seabed about 2.2 billion years ago . Here we offered tobacco and asked permission of the Tnengkarre, the Ancestral Beings, to do a pipe ceremony. We felt their blessings as suddenly all the other tourists completely left us alone in the area. Songs and prayers were sung and Tom did a beautiful prayer and tribute to his mother Beatrice Marie Lafrance Scully. He had received word through the night that she had passed away peacefully back in Canada at the age of 99. 

~ At the chasm

At the end of the ceremony, we called out the names of all the women we knew saying “We see you!” In doing so, we connected this powerful place to all of them, to their dreams and their hearts’ desires, seeing them in their full Divine empowerment. As we travelled back to Alice Springs after the ceremony, we saw seven beautiful wild horses standing together, wild and free  in the desert. It was an amazing way to end our time in central Australia. 

Our experience in the outback of Australia changed us, as we entered deep chasms, crevices, and caves within ourselves.  With humility we discovered, acknowledged and dismantled old paradigms within us that created suffering. We each took responsibility for working on behalf of our lineage, to heal divisiveness caused by the choices and wounds of our ancestors.  Each ceremony began with asking for permission to offer ceremony, prayers of gratitude and respect, while asking forgiveness of the ancestors of the land, and Mother Earth for the disharmony causing imbalance upon the Earth.      

Since leaving Australia, I have heard from a knowledge keeper there that preparations for the Ngaltawaddi ceremony to create the Rainbow Bridge have been underway for over 20 years. It has been a long process, as the story unfolds, of young Australian Aboriginal boys being forced by Methodist missionaries to walk the songlines while reciting the new testament. The songlines were weakened and their energy deeply affected by this action. A group of Indigenous Aunties have since walked along all of  those same songlines from Broome to Byron re-energizing them with the ancient songs and Creation stories in preparation for the completion of the Ngaltawaddi, the Great Ritual. The Indigneous people prepared a message stick to all of Creation and planted it at the top of Uluru. Deep love and gratitude to all of the elders of Australia who continue to do their sacred work in a good way to finally complete the Ngaltawaddi ceremony. 

We call upon everyone in all of the amazing circles all over Mother Earth to support the elders in this sacred Tjukurpa work with your prayers, your songs and your love. When we give this way, we receive many blessings in return, strengthening all of our spiritual gifts. The time is now. We are the ones we have been waiting for!


Home Practice:  New Way Dreaming with Mother Earth

Go to a place in nature that you feel a deep connection to and love. Bring a gift that you would like to offer to Mother Earth; perhaps this gift is a flower, a sacred herb, your favorite food, or a song. If you are able to, take off your shoes and socks and walk in your bare feet around this special place, connecting to the songlines of Mother Earth through the soles of your feet. If you are unable to travel there physically, travel there with your imagination.

Feel the deliciousness and intimacy of this close and personal connection as you offer your gift to her. Perhaps you wish to share what you are grateful for, your heart’s desire, and acknowledge a feeling you have. Perhaps you would just love to be with Mother Earth in silence, going deep into this communion. 

Ask Mother Earth if there is anything she wishes to share with you. Perhaps your senses pick up something, such as a song, a message, or a gift being offered to you. Perhaps you feel a flow coming to you through your feet from Mother Earth. 

Within your heart, what might it be to be guided by your golden thread, as you track a songline back to the original agreement with your Higher Self and Mother Earth? In the New Way Dreaming, what does honoring this agreement look like, feel like, sound like, taste and smell like in your daily life?

In gratitude for your sacred relationship, accept all that is being shared in this exchange.

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