Energizing the Heart Of Mother Earth With Our Love

Written by Martha Lucier & Jan Beaver

Martha’s Dream:

A year ago, I was preparing to go on a journey to Australia. While actively dreaming, I found myself in a cave at Uluru, a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Australian Northern Territory, sacred to it’s indigenous custodians; the Anangu, considered the oldest culture known to man.  An elder grandmother invited me to peer into a small pool, or water hole, within the cave.  A crystal-like substance began to take shape shining with multi colours, swirling with symbols, letters, and numbers.  The vision spiralled out as I witnessed humans holding hands all around Mother Earth.  People were hugging and connecting through their hearts.

I also witnessed a large group of grandmothers holding a golden net around the earth’s energy field.  The vision reminded me of a game I played with children, where we each held a part of a parachute, taking turns to explore what it was like beneath the colourful flowing fabric.  If too many children let go of the parachute at the same time, the parachute would flatten.  

The net holds the dream of Mother Earth and all of life to rise to the highest vibration of truth.  I could see big winds of change coming and how difficult it would be to hold the net for the dream to be  realized.  With intensity, the elder grandmother within the cave shared that the grandmothers need all the help they can get, for as the old collective dream collapses the net would be pulled in many directions. It takes great strength, determination and commitment to hold the vision of a new dream.  When enough humans bring their hearts together, sharing their love for the Earth, the waves of energy will ripple and strengthen the net, for the rebirth of the Earth and a new dream. 

Inspired by dreams and synchronicities, we followed the call of spirit and Mother Earth herself, travelling to the outback desert of Australia, to Uluru in January 2020.  In October 2019, Uluru was closed to climbing by the Anangu people, reclaiming their sacred responsibility and role as caretakers of the sacred rock.  While in Australia, we connected to an Anangu elder, Aunty Nelly Patterson. Her original vision of New Way Dreaming spoke of unity and peace within the human family on Earth. With deep respect and in loving support of the Indigenous First Peoples of Australia, we asked for Aunty Nelly’s blessings for the ceremonies we were going to be offering at various sites to help clear traumatic energies imprinted upon the land.   

Todd, Aunty Nelly & Martha

We learned about events that happened during the Creation Times, spoken of in the ancient stories of the Anangu people causing trauma on the land and in the peoples. We witnessed suffering of the Aboriginal people caused by colonization, and racism, driving division between the peoples.  In the dryness of the desert, we witnessed the real and present effects of climate change; the result of disconnection with our Earth Mother as forest fires raged, taking many lives of the animal and plant kingdoms. 

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Aunty Nelly spoke often about the importance of the ‘white fella and the black fella’ working together to heal and find solutions to the problems we are facing. Walking together in unity, we asked forgiveness of the land, water, rock, and earth for suffering caused by all humans. In the heat of the desert as Covid-19 began to spread around the world, we underwent our own personal healing, aligning ourselves more fully with the earth and all of life.  

Upon our return to Canada, we learned that the elders of Australia have been preparing for generations to complete an ancient ceremony that was interrupted back in the Creation Times.

Upon our return to Canada, we learned that the elders of Australia have been preparing for generations to complete an ancient ceremony that was interrupted back in the Creation Times. This ceremony will be held on December 21, 2020 at the time of the solstice. The elders say that, at that time, the Rainbow Serpent will become a Rainbow Bridge connecting the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of the Sun. This ceremony will be a transformational event for Mother Earth as she evolves into the vibration of truth and love. Perhaps this is the New Way Dream that Aunty Nelly spoke about.

The elders have put out a call to everyone on Earth to begin to prepare for this ceremony at the time of Solstice in your area of the planet (Dec. 21, 2020 at 5:02 a.m. EST in North America). We can do this now by removing all distractions from our lives, cleansing, meditating and offering prayers. It is very important that we all walk in our truth through this solstice portal, staying focused on holding healthy boundaries, flowing freely with love for Mother Earth, energizing her with Divine Source energy, while anchoring our own personal inspiration for our lives and our future. 

The ceremonial inspiration being held by the elders of Australia:

A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energize the heart of Mother Earth with our love and energy.

The elders have asked that we begin our ceremonies by acknowledging the original inhabitants of the land we are on. Create a circle on the ground around the ceremonial gathering space to create a sacred container. Call in all seen and unseen benevolent networks of support. The elders have suggested that all participants kneel or lie on the ground at some point during the ceremony, feeling our love for Mother Earth and visualizing energy flowing from our hearts to her heart. One person begins by tapping the Earth gently 6 times with both hands continuing to feel your deep love for her with the energy from Source flowing to her. Then this tapping is done by the next person going counterclockwise around the Circle until all have tapped 6 times on Mother Earth. Then all participants tap together 6 times on Mother Earth. The elders say that going counterclockwise around the Circle takes us back in time connecting to our Ancestors.

The human race has a pivotal role to play to assist in holding the Earth’s web of light by participating in this ceremony, committing to a return to innocence and balance with our Mother. It is our love that will allow us to also become the Rainbow Bridges through which the energy of Divine Source will flow to our Mother to assist in her evolution. We are the Ones we have been waiting for and this is our moment to shine.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for and this is our moment to shine.

Winter Solstice Practice: Participating in Ceremony

Prepare yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to accompany Mother Earth through this evolutionary time of solstice. What self care practices might help you stay clear and focused? 

Find a spot that is sacred to you where you can be in ceremony on the Solstice, Dec. 21, 2020 at 5:02 a.m. This can be somewhere in nature, or in a special room of your home. Go to this spot ahead of time with an offering  such as flowers, food, water or tobacco and connect to the Spirits and Ancestors of the place you are in, asking permission to hold your ceremony there and for their loving support. Maybe you will connect with the Grandmother spirits holding the global Web of Light and can ask them how you may be of service. Go into stillness and listen deeply for any guidance you may receive. 

You may wish to create a piece of art, poem, dance, song or sound as you explore the following:

Imagine traveling across a rainbow bridge back in time to when you were a divine spark of light, before you decided to come to Earth. What does it feel like to be in your divine state?  What do you feel, hear, and see as this spark of light?  

Imagine holding a golden thread originating from your spark as you return across the rainbow bridge back to the present moment.  What might it be like to return through the timeline reset, clearing the events that may have dimmed your light along your life path? What might it be like to radiate as your divine light in all your relationships? 

As you enter into Winter Solstice ceremony in your own beautiful way, this golden thread will continue to connect you to your original Divine spark. 

Offer thanks to the Spirits and Ancestors for their love and support. 

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