We love these recent testimonials!

Occasionally, guests at the Edge touch base with us directly to let us know how their experience was, and we love to hear from them – especially when it’s a new retreat!

Here are some words from recent guests we’d like to share:

On Botanical Bounty – from Joyce

” I just loved the Botanical Bounty Retreat that was held recently at Northern Edge Algonquin facilitated by Wendy Martin and Vicki.  Although I don’t consider myself very artistic, Wendy made the experience fun and provided easy instruction and individual guidance on each step of the process.  The 3-day workshop offered us the opportunity to experiment using several dying techniques including bundle and immersion dying, eco printing and making your own natural inks on different types of mediums.  Wendy has a friendly and carefree personality that made me feel comfortable experimenting with natural plant-based materials and the end result was just beautiful!  I love the silk scarf I made! 

I also enjoyed the yoga sessions Wendy offered to those of us who were interested.  She is a highly experienced and knowledgeable instructor whether the topic is natural plant-based dying, yoga or meditation.  

The weekend was exceptional value for the cost of the experience and I look forward to attending a future workshop on natural plant-based dying with Wendy and will certainly be checking out her online yoga classes and video library!  Many thanks Wendy!! I look forward to trying out all that I learned this weekend! “


Joyce Minten

On The Habit Reset, from Melanie and from Kelly-Ann

“Thank you for a truly transformative weekend! Wonderful accommodations, spectacular scenery, and delicious meals! I met new people from all over Ontario and we shared stories and supported each other through the journey of resetting our habits, which will lead us towards self-love and positivity. ❤️? “

– Melanie MacKinnon

“I gave myself the gift of the habit reset and it has given me more than I expected. I was looking for a break and I was given a chance to rejuvenate, recharge and reset. From tiny yoga on the dock to walks in the forest before breakfast, to workshops and well balanced group activities and time alone, all helped me to rediscover my core values.

When you surround yourself with beauty and peace you can start and reset tiny habits to find and create beauty and peace. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

– Kelly-Ann Perras

On Heart Foundations, from Bina

“I didn’t know that the GPS coordinates 45°55’06.6″N 79°11’02.1″W would have me arrive in a place of such serene and spectacular beauty.

I didn’t know that the moonlight shimmering off calm waters and the North Star to the right would be the universe’s way of showing me that my compass was on the right course.

I didn’t know the retreat I was on called Way of the Circle would reach my Heart in ways that allowed me to access my Heart Wood.

Days before I arrived, I pondered over this new idea of “connecting with my Heart Wood.” It perplexed me. I didn’t think I really knew how to access that magical space inside of me. What I realized by the end of the retreat was that I was always accessing that space, I just didn’t know that was part of my magic and that accessing it meant connecting with my highest vibration. The part of me that gave generously, unconditionally and without over thinking. It meant connecting with my light. It meant opening up in a way that was honest and heart-felt.The retreat at the Edge helped me to access tools in a safe and supportive way.

I found myself thinking that it was as though each person was like a different coloured piece of embroidery thread. We had come together from different places and circumstances. What began to bind us together was  connecting thru the Heart Wood.Each time a person shared, our weave became stronger. By the final day, our weave would be so strong it could hold the experience of healing in a tangible way. We used our voices and our presence to witness the change. We bound together the fabric of our individual threads in such a way that helped support everything that was laid in front of us.

I felt so very humbled by this time together. We came as strangers and left as soul sisters and brothers, each from different parts of a symbolic forest.We sang, we played instruments, we connected with the trees and Mother Earth, we sweat together and swam together.  We lay together and trusted that the mycelium underneath would help to decompose what no longer served our spirit. We soared in this new longing for more. We continue to connect with the magic inside of us and look forward to our return to the Edge – a place that brought us to a breath-taking view of ourselves and the knowing that we can always return.”

– Bina Mittal, Toronto

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