A note about Northern Edge Algonquin as a retreat centre…. it needs to be discussed.

We love, love, love when folks share about their experiences at the Edge! We recently hosted Allie Chisholm-Smith to facilitate a springtime retreat at the Edge, and this is what she had to say afterwards:

“A note about Northern Edge Algonquin as a retreat centre…. it needs to be discussed.

When you come on the property you can feel the intentionality. Each building was built for a reason (purpose) but also built within a reason — how might the light come through this window on the solstice?
Each piece of art curated for its purpose in each building. There is warmth and comfort but also space and things that urge you to wonder. The accommodations are gorgeous, some pretty glamorous and others perfectly campy. Why are the beds so ridiculously comfortable???

As a participant you want for nothing, not because you are constantly catered to but because you are expected to co-create your experience. You will get everything you need and you will be asked to play a part in your own joy creating.

As a facilitator I am constantly learning that I don’t need to do everything. I arrive one day early to ensure that I am grounded and rested, because it matters. We meet as a team on site (we’d already met on zoom) to discuss how to make the weekend good for everyone, including me, including my Edge co-host Vicki, the Edge Lucier family and of course including the trees and water. It all matters.
Throughout the weekend we constantly check in and adapt plans in response to what is happening. I’m never making decisions alone but my voice is respected as primary guide.

And then there is the food. Chef Gregor is unparalleled. At each meal he presents the food and its source (local and organic). It is abundant and nourishing. It is unbelievably creative and delicious. It is love in multiple pans and pots. It’s footprint light on the earth but settling to your belly.

Thank you @northernedgealgonquin. Thank you Lucier family and all of the community that works with them. I am so grateful to be able to grow with you.

Together we will chart a path to healing”

Thank you Allie! We appreciate you and we look forward to co-creating more magical retreats with you!

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