Come home to Your True Nature

Heart Wisdom Healing Retreat

Come Home to your True Nature

Heart Wisdom Healing Retreat

Come home to Your True Nature

Heart Wisdom Healing Retreat

Are you looking for a way to reconnect with yourself and your passions? Or perhaps you are ready to feel empowered and gain back control of your life?

Come join us on a journey of self-discovery at a Heart Wisdom Healing Retreat. It’s an experience like no other, with activities that give you the tools to create positive change in your life. From creating personal rituals, engaging more deeply with your family, to identifying your passions and following your dreams – we empower you to use your heart’s wisdom as a tool for transformation.

Just imagine . . .

Powerful habits

Nestled in the heart of nature, these transformational retreats invite you to come home to your true nature, awakening the guidance of your inner wisdom. Engaging in practices that help you to dream, connect, explore, and create are the foundation of heart-centred wellness.  Our unique and experiential programs evoke your childlike wonder, your dreamer within, and your wise leader. Learn how to drop into the heart’s centre, express yourself more honestly, be present and actively listen – all while creating wonderful shared memories with like-minded participants.

The Heart Wisdom Healing Retreat takes place each season on the edge of Algonquin Park and is open to participants of all experience levels. Each gathering has a guiding theme inspired by the seasons; winter dreaming, spring flowing, summer blooming, and fall harvesting. These themes are then blended with transformative and spiritual practices and activities that help cultivate our wisdom such as nature connection, journaling and sharing in circle, movement and meditation, sound healing, sauna sessions, crafting & art, energy healing and co-created ceremony. You’ll come away from this self-healing retreat with practices for daily life that are the foundation for heart-centred living.

Actionable goals

Our goal is simple yet powerful – send you home feeling motivated and empowered with a fresh perspective on life – complete with your own toolkit full of daily practices at the ready! By taking a moment to assess your emotional state and how it relates to current habits, you can start the process of breaking a habit or creating new ones. This will give you the opportunity to take steps towards building new routines that are in line with your core values and life goals as well.

sunrise over kawawaymog lake algonquin park

This retreat is for you if you’re;

  • Feeling stuck or in a transition period and unsure how to move forward. 
  • Seeking a conscious connection to your life’s purpose.
  • Open to learning heart-led forms of self-inquiry to tap into your deepest desires.
  • Keen to develop trust and compassion for yourself and others.
  • Ready to make lifelong transformations that support wholeness and health.
  • Intent on deepening your connection with nature and its ancient wisdom.
  • Called to learn more about heart-centred communication and how to cultivate peace in your family, in your communities, and in the world.
  • Ready to heal the past, live in the present, and empower your future.
  • Seeking belonging and support from a compassionate spiritual circle community.
  • Feeling ready to explore deeply within yourself in a safe and natural, drug and alcohol-free space.

Each Heart Wisdom Healing Retreat is co-created by the participants and led by a mentoring team through a process we call the Way of the Circle. Following the principles: dream, connect, explore, create and evolve, we take a journey of self-discovery together. Learn how to tap into your intuition, unique gifts, soul yearnings, day and night-time dreams, and innate wisdom, to co-create living ceremony and access your potential.

We believe that your heart knows the answers and if you can learn how to listen, you can uncover all that you already possess. By slowing down, unplugging, and following an inspiration, rather than an itinerary, we allow for personal growth inspired by nature, meeting individual desires while creating a meaningful community. No matter who we are, or where we are on our journey in life, the heart is our meeting place.

Curious about what to expect? 

Read The Unexpected: What to expect at a circle gathering at Northern Edge Algonquin or The Heart-Centered Path.

Sign up today for an unforgettable healing and spiritual-style retreat with us, you will gain insight not only into yourself but also into who you want to become so that your goals are achievable. Join a Heart Wisdom program each season for a truly inspiring journey!

Heart Flame

February 2024 – Join the Hotlist

Coming home to the Fire Within, let us gather under the stars in the stillness of winter dreamtime to re-ignite our passions.

Powerful habits

Heart flow

May 4 -7, 2023

Flowing with renewed life, let us embrace our child-like innocence as we plant & nurture the seeds of new dreams.

Powerful habits

Heart Blossom

August 10 -13, 2023

Playing outside and daydreaming in nature, let us honour our ability to create in this time of growth & abundance.

Powerful habits

Heart Wood

October 12 – 15, 2023

Harvesting wisdom from the wind and trees, let us root deep into the earth, connecting and restoring our balance.

Powerful habits

Each retreat is hosted by 2 co-facilitators and supported by 1-2 mentors. Our leadership circle is a diverse community of heart-centred individuals from a variety of cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Through our collective leadership practices called The Way of the Circle the mentoring team will guide retreat members to share authentically in the group. 

Martha Lucier with rattle - co-founder northern edge algonquin

Martha Lucier

Co-Founder, Retreat Facilitator

Martha’s work as a teacher and healer is infused with her deep love of mother earth and desire to empower others to discover the gifts they came to the world to manifest. She feels most alive on Vision Quests into Algonquin Park.

Deposits & Cancellations

In short: Spaces are limited.  When you book a retreat with us, a non-refundable deposit (50% of your overall balance) reserves your space and allows us to plan accordingly. Remaining balances are due 15 days before arrival.

Deposits protect our group-based experiences by acting as a commitment from our guests. If you need to cancel your visit, the timing of your cancellation will determine the level of flexibility we can offer in rescheduling your visit or holding your deposit as a credit to be used in the future. Please refer to our full deposit and cancellation policy for more information on our policies, timelines, and the commitments we make based on your registration.

Meals & Dietary Needs

Edge guests are well nourished and experience mealtime itself as a program element, with storytelling to introduce the seasonal flavours of the region and the relationships with the folk who grew and raised the ingredients close to home. Cooking at the Edge focuses on balancing globally far-flung tastes with provincially produced foods. Meals are served buffet style and are guests often enjoy lakeside dining outdoors when the weather allows it.

Over the years we have met many diverse dietary needs. Guests are invited to identify their dietary needs & preferences as a part of the registration process, and those with restrictions love the options we provide.

Itinerary & Program Timings

We offer unique, tailored experiences that flow as our facilitators respond to the interests of our guests, seasonal conditions, and special opportunities that may arise.

Each retreat at the Edge features healthy doses of dreamtime, adventure, community, creativity, time spent in nature, and a dash of surprise. Guests always have the choice to take solo or rest time in lieu of planned experiences.

While a detailed itinerary is not available, you can count on and prepare for the activities used to describe the flavour of this retreat. Meals are generally served at 8:30, 12:30, and 6pm. When appropriate, optional early-morning or late-night experiences may be offered.

Arrival Time & Directions

Arrival time is between 1 – 3 pm.  We encourage our guests to stay and experience the full retreat, which generally ends after lunch on the final day.

You can find us easily on Google or Apple maps, or view detailed directions here.

What to Bring

We’ll be spending time both indoors and out in nature, and we invite you to dress appropriately for the season to stay comfortable, warm, and dry. There’s no dress code and most guests wear their “retreat-casual”.

We encourage guests to bring a surprise to share with others – this might take the form of a game or activity, an instrument/song/poem, or a tasty treat.

Join Heart Wisdom

All-Inclusive Pricing from

$ 1,049 +HST

Retreat Dates

Custom Dates Available for groups of 10+

What’s Included

  • 3 nights of cozy, cabin accommodations (private cabin upgrades available for an extra cost)
  • Transformational Wellness Program led by passionate facilitators
  • Equipment & materials included*
  • Nourishing, nutritious meals and snacks from Day 1 Dinner to Day 4 Lunch (locally sourced and catered to your dietary needs)
  • Co-created program that tunes into your own dreams and inspiration

What’s Not Included

  • 13% Harmonized Sales Tax
  • Gratuities for the hospitality team, facilitators & guides.
  • Wi-fi access and cellular signal are not available for this unplugged experience.

“The Heart Wisdom Healing Retreats are vehicles for change. Within the safe and supportive structure of the Way of the Circle, we realise our interconnectedness, travelling deep within to retrieve the gifts we came into this world to share. By being seen, feeling heard, inspiring each other, and honouring one another’s values, we heal the root cause of isolation and scarcity. Coming together we undergo a joyous alchemical process, transmuting the dream of fear, divisiveness and disharmony into the dream of love, unity, and peace. Our survival as a human species depends on us awakening ancient wisdom and our connection to the spirit that lives in all things.” -Martha Lucier, Co-Founder

Explore Accommodation Options

Canvas Cabin

Glamping-style canvas cabins bring participants closer to nature, just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as showers and flush toilets. Each canvas cabin features a double bed, ideal for solo travellers or couples.

Habitat Cabin

Cozy, rustic habitat cabins are located just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as washrooms and showers. Each offers a loft double bed above 2 single beds, making them ideal for sharing with friends or other participants.

Studio Cabin

Comfortable & spacious eco-friendly studio rooms are located just a minute’s walk away from main programming spaces and showers. These feature a small en-suite bathroom with a composting toilet. Both a double bed and a single bed make them ideal for couples or friends.

Log Cabin Bedroom

The luxurious and comfortable log cabin is located a bit further from main programming spaces for optimal rest, and features en-suite bathrooms with showers. Each room’s Queen bed can convert into two twin beds, providing flexibility for solo travellers, couples, or friends.


“It is hard to describe in words how much I love the Edge. Feeling beyond grateful for an experience filled with awe and wonder. Far more fulfilling than a week down south and has restored my childhood love of the winter! Every person, place and thing at the Edge contributed to an experience that left me replenished, whole and happier than I had been in months… Staff at the Edge helped me figure out how to help myself. Leaving me able to replenish myself in my regular crazy and hectic life!”

Joanne Hofinger

“I felt so very humbled by this time together. We came as strangers and left as soul sisters and brothers, each from different parts of a symbolic forest.We sang, we played instruments, we connected with the trees and Mother Earth, we sweat together and swam together.  We lay together and trusted that the mycelium underneath would help to decompose what no longer served our spirit. We soared in this new longing for more. We continue to connect with the magic inside of us and look forward to our return to the Edge – a place that brought us to a breath-taking view of ourselves and the knowing that we can always return.”

Bina Mittal

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