Tim Lucier

The son of Northern Edge Algonquin co-founders Todd and Martha, Tim aims to help everything at the Edge to run simply & efficiently. In “piloting balanced, joyful living”, Tim splits his time between living & working at the Edge and engaging his passions for performance, fitness, and travel.

Tim aims to help everything at the Edge to run simply & efficiently.  As our Director of Operations, Tim leads our coordinator team to develop and co-create retreat programming, promote the Edge to retreat visitors and custom groups, organize spaces, logistics, and systems, and work towards continuous improvement in all areas at the Edge.

Tim lives, works, and plays at Northern Edge Algonquin (his “home base” in Canada), but as an avid traveler and an advocate for transforming work-life balance, he generally takes a couple months each year to work remotely from Athens, Greece. Tim is currently studying Greek language, continues to grow as a musician and local performer, and loves to spend a lot of time upside-down.

Tim Carrying a canoe

Live simply, dream big, and explore with curiosity

As a facilitator & leader, Tim invites guests to live simply, dream big, and explore with curiosity. He draws on a variety of training and experience including a 600hr Yoga Teacher Training with Allie Chisholm-Smith & Wendy Martin, certification as one of Marie Kondo’s Konmari Consultants, participation in our Way of the Circle and Evolve: Transformational Leadership trainings, past experience working in the youth travel industry, and a lifetime of mentorship with Todd and Martha.

Tim’s love of movement began with dance, and has since grown to encompass a handstand & arm-balancing practice, yoga, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, calisthenics, stand-up paddleboarding, and cross fitness. As someone who pushes his body to it’s “edge”, Tim has a deep appreciation for safe movement, mobility, breath, and recovery to allow our bodies to keep doing what they do best. He holds an RYT500 and is a certified Aerial Yoga instructor and Animal Flow instructor.

A lifelong-learner, Tim is committed to his own personal growth, nourishing his passions and sharing what he has learned with others. In his pursuit of personal fitness and vitality, Tim found inspiration in the work and writings of Charles Duhigg and James Clear who share about the science of habits and how to change them. In his minimalism journey he resonated strongly with the legacy of Marie Kondo and embraced the value of intuitive decision-making. These are his influences, and both Habits and Minimalism have become passions to share and lenses through which he loves to coach and facilitate.