Sweeping Clear the Path of our Ancestors

For many, spring is a time of joy and uplifting renewal as Mother Earth wakes up and begins sending her lifeforce energy upwards. Everything is waking up and coming to life. The air smells different, the sounds of the birds and frogs fill the air. The ice melts and the warmth of the Sun returns.

For others, the overwhelming energy of spring can energize those things we may be holding that are not in harmony with our highest good, shadows, fears, doubts, anxieties, judgements and all of the pieces that we are holding as the current guardians of our lineage. Those things can be energized in the spring and can trigger a passage into the dark night of the soul.

I have been on such a journey for the past 19 days. I have consciously made this journey asking to go deep within my bones to connect with all of my ancestors and ascendants. Asking to clear and release all that is within my lineage, past, present and future that is no longer in resonance with my highest good and the highest good of all of Creation. It has been quite a journey through pain and darkness that I have never experienced before, but constantly through these days, I kept hearing “Keep your Heart Flame burning bright.”

The shadow corridors I have passed through made me face and ignite my deepest fears. Slowly the shadows of all those things that were never mine to carry burned away. All of the judgments, expectations, anger, blame, guilt, fear and doubts placed on me by others were consumed in the flame of love burning brightly in my heart. It was like a bottomless pit of shadow and I felt at times that I would never get to the end of it, but yesterday it happened.

Finally the shadows began to clear and my flame became brighter and brighter. I emerged this morning, just Me, shining in a blaze of glorious light that has made my Spirit soar.

Mahalo, Miigwech, Thank you beautiful Circle for standing strong in the light. Thank you for your courage in embarking on this path of living in the Heart, tending the Heart Flame that illuminates all things. Much love to you from your Sister in the Circle to Which We All Belong.
Jan Beaver
Ozawak Onkwet Kway Yellow Cloud Woman, Bear Clan, Alderville First Nation

Home Practice
As the ice melts and the warmth of the Sun returns, notice how nature is coming to life around you. What does the air smell like? Can you hear spring awakening through the songs of the birds and frogs?

Enter into your heart to explore the questions:

  • I wonder what it would be like to sense the energy of spring awakening within me?
  • Am I holding onto anything that is in disharmony with my highest good?
  • What might it be like to enter deep into my bones and invite the energy of spring to cleanse my body, mind and spirit?

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