Way of the Circle Centre –

imagine what we can achieve together as an empowered community.

Way of the Circle Centre –

imagine what we can achieve together as an empowered community.

The Shamanic Roots of the Way of the Circle Centre:

Since 1996, we have offered a variety of basic & advanced shamanic workshops and trainings, nature adventures, and healing retreats, as “Shamanism Canada”, and later the “Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies”. We’ve hosted experiences with medicine people, peace-makers, and wisdom-keepers from Finland, South Africa, Peru, Tibet, and more.

Shamanic practice is a valued element of our centre’s roots – and in 2018 we embraced the opportunity to evolve our expression in a way that would help our language to become even more universal and limitless. We are based in Canada, where colonization continues to affect the First Nations people who are the rightful stewards of this land, and whose power, language, traditions and spiritual practices were taken from them. We don’t wish to perpetuate old systems of oppression or appropriate the culture or practices of First Nations communities – and we recognize that the umbrella use of the Tungusic Siberian word ‘Shaman’ was defined by colonizers.

The language and methodology we use in our Heart Foundations programming is that of the Way of the Circle, a strong and flexible framework for collective leadership and nature-based spiritual practice that inspired our updated name, the Way of the Circle Centre. Connecting with nature, the heart, and the circle at our Heart Wisdom Healing Retreats, within this framework we continue to:

  • Connect deeply with our inner wisdom and natural senses to find answers through listening to our daytime and nighttime dreams.
  • Return to our roots through our natural surroundings, reflecting what we experience in nature to co-create inspired ceremony that is authentic to ourselves.
  • Follow the thread of intention & inspiration to create the lives and experiences we are dreaming of.
  • Communicate with the the spirits of the seasons, the elements, the nature beings, and many others that are seen or unseen.
  • Explore transformational tools and shared practices such as sound baths, chi gong, yoga, sound healing, and more.

Our circle community is comprised of a diverse group of heart-centered individuals from a variety of cultural and spiritual backgrounds, who come together with diverse perspectives but shared values. Through our collective leadership practice, circle members may choose to step forward and share their personal practices with the group in the spirit of unity.

Many Westerners also have ancestral heart-centered, nature-based, and circle practices that have been lost to colonization. This is a story many of us carry in our bloodlines rather than in recent memory like the First Nations people. If you feel a strong calling to reclaim a heart-centered, nature-based spiritual practice, but don’t know where to begin, our circle programming may be for you.

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